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Comment What Kind of DA Submittal is This? (Score 1) 162

This FUD submittal pales compared to the Corporations Without Rules folks that cheerfully brought us the Great Rescission/Depression of 2008. Voting with your wallet? How's that working for you, especially if a family member or friend is crippled or dead from a faulty product? And a comment that is just as stupid today as it was on the day it was first mouthed, "Corporations are People that speak by using money." Bad guys using Autonomous Vehicles is at best, a mild diversion.

And while this thread is on the topic of bad guys. Why is that ISIL leaders don't hang their LGBT flag in the port of Tartus?

Comment Re: Hey India! (Score 1) 89

India's solution to solving the starving masses, bribe the teacher; google it. By and large Indians are nice folks, I'm sure one day, as a culture, they'll offer some insight no one has considered. It still appears that the worst thing India ever did in its bubbling history was to say "good by" to Alexander's Army. And to this day, the curse of looking upon Alex's rear end has not gone away. India remains a culture that peaked over 3600 years ago. Heavy sigh.

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