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Submission + - I Met a Security Show Off

LifesABeach writes: The company I contract for has been hit by a series of invalid credit card purchases, and general over all hammering of their email servers by a software company offering to sell its security assistance. I smell fish 3 days in the sun. Any suggestions?

Submission + - Be A Dungun Master, Go To Jail (abovethelaw.com)

LifesABeach writes: Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals rules on effects of playing D&D. Convict with a life sentence for murder had his D&D game confiscated by guards. Convict had found other convicts willing to play D&D. Guards stated that D&D is a threat to prison security. Convict sued for violation of First, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights. Guards argued that, "...games like D&D have “been found to promote competitive hostility, violence, and addictive escape behavior, which can compromise not only the inmate’s rehabilitation and effects of positive programming, but endanger the public and jeopardise the safety and security of the institution." Circuit Judges ruled in favour of Guards.

Submission + - Sky-mapping spacecraft lifts off from Cal coast (myway.com)

LifesABeach writes: A spacecraft launched into space early Monday on a mission to map the whole sky in search of hidden asteroids, comets and other celestial stuff. That's when I thought,"Could such a craft chart the Astroid Belt beyond Mars?". I figure there would a massive collection of different elements that could prove to be very useful.

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