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Comment Re:Another kook (Score 0) 485 485

When you have children, then you will understand. When you have property, you will understand. I'm just amazed the drone ower wasn't looking down the business end of gun when, uninvited, he came on to the propery he had been spying on. The drone owner is lucky to be alive.

One interesting issue that maybe the property owner might want discussed in court is, "Are Kentucky Law Enforcers required to be incarcerated when they have discharged their weapon? And why not?"

Comment Re:Electric is Evolution. Driverless is Revolution (Score 1) 879 879

I was thinking of something that doesn't perpetuate the status quo. Consider sea water, wind mills, solar, wave energy. I think most H1B-Heads would be confussingly voiding themselves at this point. The real engineer would have more than enough to connect the dots.

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