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Comment Re:Any influential person who takes devices to Chi (Score 1) 394

Sorry, are you telling me it's just as easy to gain utter control of a device over the interwebs as if you have unrestricted physical access to it? And also you think that the Chinese don't do this? With all that confident knowledge, you should be on the Secret Service. You could have let Obama know it was safe to stay in the Waldorf, because if the Chinese wanted to build an espionage apparatus there, they could have done it already via GoToMyPC !

Comment Any influential person who takes devices to China, (Score 3, Informative) 394

surrenders them to Chinese authorities without a peep of complaint, and brings them back to the US and is surprised when federal spooks demand to have a look at the physical and software surveillance devices that have been installed into it, isn't paying any attention to the world and has zero grounds to complain TLDR if you're important or powerful, don't willingly allow yourself to become an espionage attack vector for our first or second most powerful enemy

Comment Re:Translated into English (Score 2, Insightful) 306

If the systems were affordable without the special arrangements and tax breaks, this article wouldn't exist in the first place because the panels would be popping up all over Florida. While lecturing others on correct logical reasoning you've committed an obvious error in practical reasoning, which is based mostly on human nature and the predictable reactions of people to situations.

Comment Re:Translated into English (Score 0) 306

This is the sort of comment that should be modded (+10, Authoritative), but isn't, due to the low-quality audience. As a further fitting tribute to the stupidity of the Slashdot modding/comment-hiding system, once I logged in, I had to fiddle with the display controls in order to get the site to display me the single best comment in the thread.

Submission + - Lowe's announces prototype "holoroom" kitchen showroom prototypes in Canada (

Legal.Troll writes: (from the the-goggles-they-do-nothing department?) Lowe's has announced they will be testing a new tablet-interfaced "holoroom" designed to allow customers to see a visual representation of kitchen installations in real time while they browse. An iPad with custom software will be used to conduct the user-driven product demonstration. The thing only looks about ten times creepier than a giant MRI machine, so I have no problem being one of the first to walk in and let it project laser beams at me so that the sales force can be laid off!

Comment legal defense fund for "unprovoked" assaults (Score -1) 341

I plan to start a legal defense fund for persons accused of "unprovoked" assaults on Google Glass users... The defense will be that the users themselves are walking violations of well-established traditional notions of privacy, and deserve to have the device punched off their face and smashed on the ground.

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