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Comment "forced them to watch it" ? suuuuuure..... (Score -1) 255

Since the BBFC is in control of the determination as to whether the required watching was actually performed by anybody, I'm gonna guess that (1) at best, somebody put it in the machine and pressed play, checked the check box on the form and moved on to other things, or (2) at worst they just checked the box on the form and moved on to other things.

Comment Re:War on Privacy (Score -1, Troll) 153

I don't believe there are any "whistleblower" protection for people who shop secret national security information around to hostile foreign governments for fame and other forms of personal gain (such as getting laid via hot FSB girls). I believe you have to do it in a way that is not calculated to be as destructive as possible. There are countless avenues within U.S. gov't that he could have followed (cue uninformed OMG NO THEN HE'D WIND UP IN A BLACK PRISON hysteria).

Comment Congratulations and (Score -1, Troll) 115

carry on with those completely not-evil activities that can't be entrusted to any communications method accessible by law enforcement Because we all know the dastardly American NSA wants to snoop on your conversations with Aunt Sally and steal your pumpkin pie recipe, you are displaying true moral courage by striving constantly to ensure that total stealth is possible on the global information network. PAT SELF ON BACK POSTHASTE

Comment Re:worst terrorist attack since when? (Score 1) 147

Also, not to sound like a troll, but "kill the baby killers" is a little more principled and focused than "f*** Americans, kill them all indiscriminately". So long as we've got the Vice President of the United States rationalizing Charlie Hebdo as more *reasonable* than Bataclan, let's dish out that same sympathy for white boys, k?

Comment Re:That's the solution! (Score 1) 147

Your User ID is very impressive, but personally I think that my scenario is more likely and that the full details of this usage, if presented to a federal judge, would pass muster. From the description, it sounds like a goodly chunk of the thing's OS is devoted to ceasing surveillance of unlikely targets as quickly as possible. Of course, it could all be a smokescreen, but it's also quite possible for a reasonable surveillance algorithm to implemented. Not a constitutional scholar but as I recall, all that would be required is that the activity be reasonable and proportionate to the threat presented.

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