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Comment Re:Bodes Really Well for a Fair Trial (Score 1) 486

No, actually the rule of law in the U.S. is that you're not declared guilty by the government and thrown in jail until proven guilty. Fleeing prosecution so you can't be put on trial doesn't mean you're not guilty, it just means you won't be punished for it by civil authorities. Your comment is so obtuse and devoid of analytical skill, it's painful.

Comment No need for an evil friend... (Score 1) 246

STEP 1: Just write a couple thousand lines of C code replete with memory pointers ("->") and accidentally type one with an underscore instead of a hyphen ("_>") because you pressed the shift key too soon. STEP 2: Try to figure out why you're getting hundreds of errors and warnings that point to lines that don't have anything wrong with them. STEP 3: Definitely not "PROFIT".

Comment Re:A better society has more ridiculous complaints (Score 1) 781

As long as we're commenting on flaws in reasoning, notice that your broad conclusion fails because the other poster's reasoning can in fact *only* be used to dismiss a complaint for which objectively pales in comparison to some other, actual real-world problem that can arguably be categorized along with the first. So anytime somebody comes along with a complaint about suffering that does *not* pale in comparison to anything else that other people are experiencing in the world... you see where I'm going with this â" it's actually perfectly valid to attempt to diminish the significance of some form of purported injustice by comparing it with other injustices of the same type that are inarguably much worse.

Comment Re:Any influential person who takes devices to Chi (Score 1) 399

Sorry, are you telling me it's just as easy to gain utter control of a device over the interwebs as if you have unrestricted physical access to it? And also you think that the Chinese don't do this? With all that confident knowledge, you should be on the Secret Service. You could have let Obama know it was safe to stay in the Waldorf, because if the Chinese wanted to build an espionage apparatus there, they could have done it already via GoToMyPC !

Comment Any influential person who takes devices to China, (Score 3, Informative) 399

surrenders them to Chinese authorities without a peep of complaint, and brings them back to the US and is surprised when federal spooks demand to have a look at the physical and software surveillance devices that have been installed into it, isn't paying any attention to the world and has zero grounds to complain TLDR if you're important or powerful, don't willingly allow yourself to become an espionage attack vector for our first or second most powerful enemy

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