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Comment Re:having lived in Turkey (Score 1) 139

In reality, their liberal MILITARY (mark that one in your record books, folks) was the crux.. but.. now they're gone.

They weren't unique that way. Egypt had the same thing going on; remember the Muslim Brotherhood won in popular elections after the Arab Spring revolution, and it was their military that had to step in and take over. Pakistan had something similar, years ago, with Musharraf and his military running the country to keep the government from being run by Islamists. Same thing with Iraq, sorta: they had Saddam running the place, with a strong military, and he more-or-less kept the peace between all the warring factions within. Same with Syria under Assad; before civil war, he kept the peace, but now different warring groups of Islamists want to take over or separate. Countries like that can't be run democratically; they need dictators or military cabals, otherwise they start resembling ISIS-land.

You're missing the point that the Turkish military are (comparatively) liberal, which is not the case with Egypt, Syria or Iraq.

Comment Re:Up Next! (Score 1) 82

Some of the most profound discoveries have come from experiments verifying established knowledge, yielding unexpected results. Rutherford's discovery of the atomic nucleus resulted from just such an experiment.

Wow, he was experimenting with colds and sleep and he accidentally the atomic bomb?

Comment Re:Count me in (Score 1) 82

Parents who let their children stay up late and don't make sure that they get enough sleep (Children need more sleep than adults do.) are just as much at fault, if not more so.

Absolutely agree that children need more sleep than adults. However, they are not necessarily able to fall asleep at the needed time to be ready for school. My parents sure as hell tried to get me to go to bed early, but I all I did after getting to bed is toss and turn for hours. I think a lot more children and adolescents are afflicted with delayed sleep phase disorder than we think.

Maybe, but it helps if you don't let them have TVs, iPads or mobile phones in their rooms when they go to bed...

Comment Re:Count me in (Score 1) 82

If schools have early morning starts, you just need to make your kids go to bed early. It's not rocket surgery.

As an adult, I have just had to learn that if I need to be up at 6 to go to work, I can't stay up until 3 and expect to feel anything but knackered all day.

Comment Re:So, business as usual for the FBI. (Score 1) 183

The laws they're breaking are themselves morally bankrupt, and therefore moral to break.

But you can't just allow everyone to choose which laws they think are moral to break, no doubt hitmen would think the laws against murder are unfair.

If you want a civilised society, laws have to apply to everyone equally. If they are bad laws, they need to be changed.

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