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Comment: Re:Trammel killed Ultima Online (Score 2) 75 75

Trammel was badly implemented. Involuntary PvP systems don't mix well with non-PvP systems.

Several Freeshard Trammels which do away with PvP entirely are a blast to play. The uber-pvp freeshards that do away with Trammel also work fine.

The trick is this: they're really two very different games which attract two very different kinds of player.

Comment: Re:Ultima is for cows. (Score 5, Funny) 75 75

One UO Freeshard I play has animal breeding. You can tame and then breed animals to get more powerful pets which you can then use to take down monsters in the dungeons.

I bred cows all the way to "max." My cows slaughter dragons with ease.

Breeding cows in UO turns out to be tricky. See, there's a bug: cows and bulls can't breed together, they're considered separate animal types. But all cows are female, so cows can't breed with cows either. You first have to magically transform some of the cows to the male gender before you can breed them. And it takes 20 to 30 generations to breed an animal like cows up to the game's max.

Thus I refer to my cows as "Daemonic Transgender Inbred Battle Cattle."

Comment: Re:Because the Greeks are so stupid? (Score 1) 358 358

And you're going to convert those paper Euros to bitcoins how exactly? Other than, you know, mailing the bills in an envelope.

If you had your Euros in a bank outside of Greece, you could write a check, transfer money through paypal or engage in most any other transactions with them, capital controls be damned. Without having to convert the Euros to bitcoin.

Basically, all these things you can magically do by converting your Euros to bitcoin, you can do without bitcoin.

Comment: Re:The problem is that landfills are too cheap (Score 1) 371 371

The problem is that mixed paper is worth less than the cost to collect and recycle it. Cheaper to plant trees and bury used paper. Though the article only alludes to it with "dual stream recycling," the rest of the materials on their own (glass, plastic, metal) recycle profitably.

"Source sorting" consumes vastly more manpower than the mechanized sort at the recycling center. That manpower has a cost either way. Even if you coercively steal the manpower, that doesn't make it free.

Comment: Re:I support PBS (Score 1) 8 8

Exactly. Favoring PBS' superb programming and supporting donation and sponsorship to keep it going is a separate issue from disapproving of government funding.

Ron Paul supporters are against government funding for a lot of activities they strongly support. That's kinda the whole idea of libertarianism: personally support the stuff you like but get the government out of it.

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 1067 1067

Div by zero means my program encountered an error. If it continues anyway, it could corrupt its database or misbehave in other destructive ways. Worse, it could provide the operator with incorrect results leading to real-world destruction.

So yeah, I want divide by zero to throw an exception and I don't wish to ignore the exception.

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