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For some tasks I can understand recycling. I use older hardware to build routers, anti-spam gateways, VPN appliances and the like. Normally these are fairly low-cycle tasks, at least for smaller offices. But I've learned my lesson about using older hardware in mission critical applications. I've set up custom routers that worked just great, until the motherboards popped a cap, and then they're down, and unless you've got spares sitting around, you're in for some misery.

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by rk (#47509111) Attached to: Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

It looks like is pretty much in a neglected state now, unfortunately. From the home page: "GreenCine Hot 15 Hottest Titles Jan-Feb '13". If they haven't updated their home page in a year and a half, I wonder...

Let's scan it for Heartbleed. It's still vulnerable to what is arguably the most publicized vulnerability in the history of the internet over three months since the story broke. Whether they still operate or not, I cannot say, but I'm not going to find out by giving them my credit card. :-(

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by mattwarden (#47509097) Attached to: Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

Correct. This is called stealth price inflation.

This guy is so bothered by this, he came to slashdot and wrote up a story? Who cares. If you want to have the same experience, supplement with a redbox once every two months when you would actually be affected by this policy change. What is that, 50 cents per month more?

If you love physical disc netflix so much, why wouldn't you be supportive of this move that clearly makes physical disc processing viable for another x months? People who whine like this do not have top-of-mind that services you enjoy are provided by companies whose entire purpose is to be profitable, and as soon as a service offering you like results in less profit relative to alternatives requiring the same resources, your service offering goes away.

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by mattwarden (#47508841) Attached to: Fighting Climate Change With Trade

> Because when you put in an AGW term, the models do much better than if you leave out any AGW term

And what if they did better by subtracting in the average clown shoe size at the time to the computed average global temperature?

> If you can demonstrate that models with the average shoe size of red-headed clowns as a factor do better than those without, then I will absolutely accept it as a parameter

Then I believe this proves you are an idiot.

> Kind of have to, mathematically

Only if you don't understand math.

> How is it you are so ignorant of what is, not only the basic tenet of mathematical modeling, so completely intuitively obvious, that factors which make the model fit significantly better are kept, those that don't are dropped? Are you expending a lot of mental energy to maintain this impenetrable denseness? Why?

I get it. Rather than understanding why a model that fits best doesn't mean the model is correct or even close, you spend time convincing yourself you should dismiss me.


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by mattwarden (#47508721) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

All you said was that other evidence could be used to prove the crime and wouldn't be needed from the person accused. Well of course that gets around the 5th Amendment issue. What the hell is your point? Are you just looking for me to say you got around the 5th Amendment issue? Ok. If you don't do the thing that causes the 5th Amendment issue, then of course you "got around" it. Congratulations. But just asserting that other evidence will prove it seems a bit odd, which is why you come off as just trying to win something. I'm not interested.

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by Rei (#47508393) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Contary to popular belief, broomsticks can't fly and are not aerodynamic.

If 16th century India could do it... (why a person would believe that the warhead has to be the frontmost part of a rocket is beyond me, given that the interceptors themselves aren't built that way - yet the entire logic behind the interceptor's detonation system relies on that assumption)

In any case the missile will miss its intended target if it was hit by shrapnel.


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by Rei (#47508237) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

1. A hit by a few pieces of shrapnel each weight no more than a few grams is not going to have a noticeable impact on something that's dozens of kilograms moving at roughly half their speed. It's simple physics.

2. The warhead is the whole point. A warhead-less rocket won't penetrate your roof. If you're out walking in the park and it lands on your head you might get seriously injured, but apart from that. no.

3. What are you talking about? The payload of the Tamir interceptors is is 11kg, that's no secret. And again, it's not designed to work by concussion, it's designed to work by shrapnel. The energy of the explosion is mostly spent in the process of creating high velocity shrapnel fragments.

Beyond that, the length of time of any exposure here to any explosive force is simply miniscule. The rockets pass each other at a rate of 1200 meters per second - nearly half the speed of the explosive shrapnel itself. Even if they passed directly past nearly grazing each other (which is grossly implausible), they'd only be within a meter of each other for less than two milliseconds. And even things that are right near explosions the whole time get surprisingly little push from blast shockwaves (Mythbusters did a full episode about this). Relevant push from explosions requires confinement of the gasses.

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by Jeremi (#47508157) Attached to: Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

Why would anybody want to wait for a day or two for a piece of plastic when they can access the data instantly online?

Nobody would, except perhaps for those with inadequate Internet bandwidth.

However, for a large number of movies you can't currently "access the data instantly online" (at least, not via Netflix). Netflix's primary focus should be on getting their streaming catalog to match their DVD catalog.

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by Rei (#47507185) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Israel's GDP is the equivalent of about US$250 billion. They can easily afford tens of thousands of intercept missiles if it keeps the population safe.

And Palestine's is 4B GDP. Yes, they're poor, but not *that* poor. They can afford to spot weld fins onto a piece of drainage pipe, drill holes into a bit of steel plate and spot weld it on, fill it with sugar and fertilizer, and attach onto the front end a hollow shell containing several kilos of smuggled or homemade explosives triggered by a bullet casing connected to a nail and a spring. That's literally all a Qassam rocket is.

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