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Comment Browser history (Score 1) 5

I've seen it, even if it only flicked up on screen in a fleeting glimpse while I was typing another URL.

I'm not sure if this was before "Privacy Mode" became common or not.

I fix this problem by only using NNTP for my porn needs... support staff don't usually download tools using your newsreader....

Comment Re:Landfill?! (Score 1) 33

Until it crushes. Not all aerogels are strong, and in the picture we can see the guy bending it. And even the strength of "strong" aerogels is often overstated - they're high strength for their weight, but not for their volume.

Comment Re:Cheaper? (Score 2) 33

I fail to see how it's at all like composite building - it's a moulded product. Also note: frozen and freeze dried for two days. So if you want to make boats out of the stuff, you have to amortize in the cost of two days (per unit) usage of a thermally-regulated vacuum chamber large enough to put a boat in, which is a pretty expensive piece of kit.

Also, how long is the sonication process?

Making boats or surfboards out of the stuff sounds kind of pointless. As you already clearly know, the ideal boat hull is a twinwall composite, where you have composite layers of high tensile fabric bonded to either side of a lightweight foam or honeycomb core - the latter existing primarily to space the former out. If you replace the inner layer with aerogel, you're only cutting out the weight of the foam or honeycomb - and foams and honeycombs are already quite light. I mean, you'd save some weight... but enough to justify the cost and difficulty?

I guess if you're going really upmarket... after all, some people buy Monster cables ;)

Comment Re:fire! (Score 1) 33

Aerogel is of course nothing at all like loose-fill cellulose insulation. But no, it should not pose a fire risk either. Depending on the type, aerogels are generally considered either fire retardant or non-flammable; even if they're made of something that "burns" on a macroscopic level, there's so little "something" there to burn that the flame barrier properties that they provide generally well outweighs the heat output of their own combustion.

Comment Re:Jeep? Not so much (Score 1) 354

steal Chrysler (the company that made Jeeps) from its shareholders

Haha, you capitalist ideologues make me laugh. What was the alternative? Apparently it was "too big to fail", but that was the only other option, which would have put hundreds of people out of work and closed the company for good. Where were the shareholders when the chips were down? Oh that's right, cashing in their shares before they tanked, thus ensuring they tanked.

As for Jeep being a Fiat, so what? Almost every car is made by someone else these days. BMW makes Rolls Royce and Mini, Land Rover is an Indian company, and so on. In fact, the US has owned most of the world's supposedly local brands through Ford and GM for most of the 20th century (and had no compunction in closing down many of them when things got tough, not giving a fuck for the workers of Saab, Vauxhall, Holden, etc). How does it feel now that the boot is on the other foot? Why is it like this? Because capitalism, that's why. If you don't like it, vote for a better system.

Submission + - Why Stack Overflow Doesn't Care About Ad Blockers

Press2ToContinue writes: Forging a bold step in the right direction, Stack Overflow announced today that they don't care if you use an ad blocker when you visit their site.

"The truth is: we don’t care if our users use ad blockers on Stack Overflow. More accurately: we hope that they won’t, but we understand that some people just don’t like ads. Our belief is that if someone doesn’t like them, and they won’t click on them, any impressions served to them will only annoy them-- plus, serving ads to people who won’t click on them harms campaign performance."

"Publishers can’t win by forcing ads — especially low-quality ads — in people’s faces. Think scantily-clad women selling flight deals, weight-loss supplement promos or wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube-men promoting car dealerships."

It's possible that this declaration by SO might help to clarify to advertisers that it is the overabundance of low quality ads that practically force the public to seek out ad blockers. But seriously, what is the likelihood of that?

Comment Re:Wasn't the C64 just a BASIC interpreter anyways (Score 1) 85

I learned to program primarily on Radio Shack machines (MC-10 and Color Computer, boy that brings back memories). I found the GWBASIC/QBasic interpreters fairly close to the old Tandy/RS variants of Microsoft BASIC. The Commodore interpreter, which was also an MS BASIC variant, still seemed to have some oddities.

The problem with gaming was of course that every microcomputer had its own graphics engine, so it made porting incredibly complex in many cases. Since we're talking about computers that had, at most, 30-odd kb in free RAM, there wasn't much room for graphics abstraction. Commodore's graphics, especially on the C64, with its sprite capabilities, made it very different than the rest of the microcomputers of the time.

But text-based stuff was usually pretty easy, and I remember the adventure writing book, which was pretty cool, and I wrote a few adventure games. It actually taught me a lot about string processing, indexes and counters and the like, so these books did teach some pretty important fundamentals in a way that gave you quick results.

Comment Re:TL;DR (Score 1, Informative) 182

Male, therefore guilty.

Yeah I'm sure it's just a bunch of women with no obvious connections engaging in a giant conspiracy for no apparent reason like they did to Bill Cosby.

Most importantly your automatic assumption that the man innocent and is only being persecuted for his gender, despite a lot of evidence to the contrary, is in no way evidence that you might be sexist.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 470

You know, you can't just handwave evidence away with "It's a complex system."

If increased CO2 levels are increasing the absorption of solar energy, which you don't seem to deny, then pray tell where the fuck is that energy going, if not into the lower atmosphere and the oceans? Come on, Mr. Smarty Guy, fucking explain how "complex systems" make energy magically fucking disappear. Go on, get to it. Show how "complex systems" somehow allow violations of thermodynamics.

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