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Comment: Re:"What happened to the dinosaurs?" (Score 1) 188

by KGIII (#49779913) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

That does not explain their curmudgeon attitude and other idiocy. It can't (I hope) be entirely due to their lack of intellect or logic. There must be a physical component and I am thinking it is due to frustration for a disaffected libido.

Hmm... Disaffected Libido... Band name, maybe? I have never typed that before and I hope I never type it again. It was wrong and I should feel bad.

Comment: Re:It's actually surprising... (Score 1) 53

by KGIII (#49779821) Attached to: Microsoft Bringing Cortana To iOS, Android

They'd just spend the money on black chicks. Wait, no... They would spend it on black projects. Not Black Projects in the Hood. (Hard to type this without seeming racist. I suppose I could be racist but, well, I am a quarter black, a quarter native, and half white. I am not sure what race I would have to pick if I wanted to be racist.)

Comment: Re: How sad (Score 1) 110

by KGIII (#49779813) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

That is very likely the name of the game. I am not an avid gamer so I played it simply due to the novelty of being able to play a game while the OS installed in the background. It may have been the installable Knoppix? It was not RedHat nor Suse. Mint was not out then. Ubuntu was not out then. Hmm...

Thank you - any other hints? My Google-fu has failed me. I suck and should feel bad.

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