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Comment Re:News for Facebook employees (Score 1) 50

If you can take several months off, it just means the company doesn't really need you. Or, it means someone else is will have to work harder (with no extra pay) to make up for your absence

That's why God made temporary workers. If the absence of one employee means "someone else will have to work harder", then companies need to examine their staffing strategy.

Comment Enjoy the journey, not just the destination (Score 1) 279

You are getting the PC for fun (gaming) right? So consider the process of building the hardware and customizing software part of that fun. You get to learn about various technologies available in 2015 and the art of putting them together. If you go with Linux and spend effort to customize your system, you are also getting marketable CS knowledge. All in all, the enjoyment of the process is worth the price of a few games even if you can't compete with Dell purely on price.

Comment Home (Score 1) 172

Your perception of how good or bad the world is probably depends most on what's going on inside your home and inside your head.

Despite bad things that happen (which is nothing new, of course) the world is definitely on the good side of the bell curve. Positively above average. Maybe it's the proximity to Thanksgiving, with my family around me and everybody healthy and the Bears beating the Packers, but I feel pretty good about the world now. I can feel pain from all the bad things in the world, have those things diminish me as they do everyone, and still feel like the world is a pretty good place.

"Consider a spherical bear, in simple harmonic motion..." -- Professor in the UCB physics department