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Comment: Re:Verizon, AT&T -- all backing Rand Paul (Score 1) 948

by Knytefall (#40559939) Attached to: Ron Paul's New Primary Goal Is "Internet Freedom"

Wireless monopoly: the large operators in the wireless industry have exclusive, monopoly rights to broadcast on the frequencies they own. Wireless is not a 'free market' -- once the spectrum is purchased, there is no additional spectrum left to sell.

Cable: you live in an excellent area, and it sounds like your local government is well-functioning and actually does allow for multiple franchise agreements in both name and in practie. I'd be less concerned about net neutrality if everyone's local governments functioned this way.

Sadly, in the city I live in (San Francisco), and the last city I lived in (Pittsburgh), Comcast and AT&T have effective monopolies on the poles. Even though there is a theoretical opportunity for expansion in these cities, the cities refuse to grant additional franchise agreements.

I would get behind any 'Internet Freedom' movement/lobby effort that would remove or make equitable the crappy local zoning laws and franchise agreements that block additional landline competitors from going in.

In SF, AT&T has been trying to drop fiber for years, and they keep getting blocked by zoning laws. Two small ISPs (Sonic.net and MonkeyBrains) have been trying to build their own fiber networks, and are getting thwarted as well. None of these companies want anything special: no subsidies or handouts--they'd pay all expenses for installation. They just want to be able to lay the lines and have not been able to do so.

There are many other cities that have this same problem.

Comment: Verizon, AT&T -- all backing Rand Paul (Score 4, Insightful) 948

by Knytefall (#40559655) Attached to: Ron Paul's New Primary Goal Is "Internet Freedom"

"Internet Freedom" sounds like a phrase designed to make being anti-Net Neutrality sounds good.

And no wonder: Verizon and AT&T are heavy contributors to Rand Paul's campaign.

Make no mistake: there's nothing "free" about the state-granted monopolies the wireless and cable industry have. Since they're monopolies, they ought to be regulated.

And if regulation is removed, you know that the telecom industry will be hitting up Google and Netflix for cash right away.

"Internet Freedom" means freedom for Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T to charge siteowners like Google and Amazon just because they feel like it.

"Internet Freedom" means every single thing you do on the Internet is going to cost more because Verizon and Comcast need to keep posting massive increases in profits.

"Internet Freedom" means freedom for the carriers to hold you hostage. ...and if you think that the 'free-market' will solve this, remember: bandwidth is scarce and already monopolized by the big carriers. You won't see landline competition either: the big carriers also have all the local governments locked up so there won't be any competition there. And you know that the Pauls won't be taking on the local governments so that there can be competition in the landline market.

Comment: Re:"real name" means your REAL NAME. (Score 1) 560

by Knytefall (#36861586) Attached to: Google+ Account Suspensions Over ToS Drawing Fire

Not correct. What you're describing as REAL NAME is your LEGAL NAME. I think it's just as likely that real name is what you're known as to the people around you.

I know many people who know Skud. SHE (not he!) is known to all of them as Skud. That is her real name.

Consider that when we're adding friends on Google+, we will all search for our friends and family members by the names we know them. We don't know the legal names of all our friends--so we're going to end up entering what we know them as, and we'd expect Google+ to come up with answers.

That Google is creating a system that forces people to use legal names and not real names is actually making it more difficult to link Google+ info to info about these people outside of Google+ -- since all of that info uses the person's real name.

Comment: What about investment banking? (Score 4, Funny) 388

by Knytefall (#35850258) Attached to: How the Social Tech Bubble Is Different

It's tragic how our era's finest mathematical and technical minds are working on social networking. It's not right that they're wasting themselves trying to figure out how to monetize people sending pet photos to each other!

Why just a few short years ago people in that field were really doing great things for the world--like repurposing the Black-Scholes theorem to create increasingly complicated derivative financial instruments. Those instruments powered a revolution that brought prosperity to everyone.

If we can't get our best and brightest to go back to investment banks and get to work on developing new financial instruments, I don't know what will happen to our fine nation.

Comment: you get paid to code: be excited (Score 1) 842

by Knytefall (#32144520) Attached to: How To Behave At a Software Company?

presumably, you really wanted to be an engineer AND you interviewed at a few places and got the job you wanted. few people are lucky enough to do what they want in life, and fewer still have the privilege of making things. you do. be excited.

appreciate that you get to be around people who are as excited about software engineering as you are. ask people about what they're working on. learn from them. if there's an opportunity to propose a good idea, do so. accept the feedback you get if you find that your idea wasn't perfect, but don't give up. keep in mind that you work in the software industry and not the mafia: you're not being paid for your silence, you're being paid for your ideas.

read every single line of code you can get your hands on. learn the system inside and out. be ready to pitch in and work on code you're responsible for.

i've been coding professionally for a while. everyday i get to collaborate with colleagues who are dedicated to making great software. i've learned so much from them, and i've been given many opportunities to contribute across the project i work on.

be kind to your colleagues: the industry is small, and you're going to be working with these people for years even as you switch companies. the colleagues you get along well with will help you find work when it's time for you to change jobs. that said, don't be a pushover either.

in short: play well with others, speak up, be curious, and do well.

Comment: or buy a Palm Pre: also uses a standard distro (Score 2, Informative) 621

by Knytefall (#29149351) Attached to: Nokia Leaks Phone With Full GNU/Linux Distribution

the Palm Pre has a standard OpenEmbedded based distro. you can install packages from the OptWare repository. enjoy fully supported, debugged and tested Linux components that are updated on a regular basis--all written by very talented engineers who are committed to getting awesomeness to customers as often as they can. (has Nokia ever released updates as often as Palm has for webOS?)

don't like javascript apps? rip out the webOS window manager and put whatever you want on it. or maybe you want both. you can always switch between the two. the development community has already figured out how to do this.

and the Mojo javascript development environment does have its strengths. it's the first platform since the computers of the 80s where you can hack on it right out of the box.

how could you not love a company that made the contra code an officially-supported way of entering development mode?


+ - Hacker does a DIY Amiga in FPGA->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Developer Dennis van Weeren recently announced completion of his from-scratch completely re-engineered Amiga chipset. His PCB design is fully operational and compatible and his verilog code has been released under GPL. Will this finally give the Amiga community a new breath of life?"
Link to Original Source

+ - HP-35s calculator announced and withdrawn 1

Submitted by
leighklotz writes "HP announced their 35th anniversary version of the groundbreaking HP-35 calculator on July 11th, and the New York Times featured [reg warning] it in their Circuits section today. Sadly, today was also the day that HP apparently withdrew the product to correct reported manufacturing defects. For calculator geeks, note that it has a big prominent ENTER button and reportedly features good tactile feedback. No news about the recall on HP's website..."

+ - Microsoft delays Office 2008 for Mac until mid-Jan->

Submitted by i_hate_robots
i_hate_robots (922668) writes "AppleInsider is reporting that Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) said Thursday that the release of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac has been pushed back from the second half of 2007 until mid-January. The Redmond-based firm now anticipates showing a final version of the software at the Macworld trade show and conference in January, with global availability to commence in the first quarter of 2008. "This was a business decision based on the Mac BU's commitment to deliver a high-quality product," said Mac BU General Manager Craig Eisler. "Our number one priority is to deliver quality software to our customers and partners, and in order to achieve this we are shifting availability.""
Link to Original Source

+ - Do Not Call Registry gets wake-up call-> 2

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "If you signed up for the federal or your state's Do Not Call Registry a few years ago, you might want to thing about refreshing it. Pennsylvanians this week got a wake up call, so to speak from the state's Attorney General Tom Corbett who kicked off a public awareness campaign designed to remind people what many have forgotten or never knew — that the 2002 law set registrations to expire after five years. That is of course unless you want to start hearing from those telemarketers as you sit down to dinner. Corbett said about 2 million people signed up in the immediate aftermath of the law taking effect and those who do not act by Sept. 15 will have their numbers dropped from the registry on Nov. 1. The Pennsylvania action is a reminder that the National Do Not Call Registry has a five year life span as well. The Federal Trade Commission is set to being a nation campaign in Spring 2008 to remind all US citizens to refresh their federal Do Not Call Registry standing. http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/18066"
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