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Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 2) 357

I have updates disabled on win7. Pretty much the only way to ensure MS isn't going to fuck it up to prod me to use 10 (like they crapped-up XP SP3 to try to shove me to Vista).

Think this is crazy? Install 7 SP1, and see how great it runs. Then enable updates, install all 150 updates, and see how it runs no better than Vista.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 2) 461

Normally, I wouldn't use wikipedia for a definition, but "orwellian" is not a dictionary word.

The adjective Orwellian refers to these behaviours of The Party, especially when the Party is the State:

Invasion of personal privacy, either directly physically or indirectly by surveillance.
State control of its citizens' daily life, as in a "Big Brother" society.
Official encouragement of policies contributing to the socio-economic disintegration of the family or any other close relationships.
The adoration of state leaders and their Party.
The encouragement of "doublethink", whereby the population must learn to embrace inconsistent concepts without dissent, e.g. giving up liberty for freedom. Similar terms used are "doublespeak", and "newspeak".
The revision of history in the favour of the State's interpretation of it.
A (generally) dystopian future.
The use of euphemism to describe an agency, program or other concept, especially when the name denotes the opposite of what is actually occurring. E.g. a department that wages war is called the "Ministry of Peace"

Ahem. PWNT

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 4, Insightful) 461


I would call it Orwellian that Apple would make your computer better by limiting what it can do. I would call it Orwellian that Apple would market its self to young, hip, free-thinking individualists, then put a Berlin Wall in between you and the software you want to run.

Sure, you can turn it off.... But most users won't even know it is there. They'll be completely clueless as to the reason why a completely legitimate piece of commercial software can't install or run, failing with a perplexing error about it being "unrecognized". I know this is what happens, because this is the point in the story where my company gets a phone call.

Comment Re:Pissing me off at the moment (Score 5, Funny) 461

Oh, the good web browsers have all died already.

IE has been pants-on-head retarded since IE9.
Chrome's fame went to it's head, and now it's all strung out on bad design philosophy and arrogance. Only a matter of time until it dies.
Mozilla used to be lawful evil, but has injected its self with Chrome DNA so many times that it morphed into a flaming fox and became chaotic evil.
Opera is an undead paladin... It used to be so holy and pure, but now it has turned. Once the holy magic of Netscape filled its body, as it did Mozilla's. The evil power of webkit flows strongly through this one, as it does through all 'modern' browsers.
Safari is the last dark weapon Sauron forged before his death.

Three tabs for the Millenians under the sky
Seven for the neck-beards in their basements of stone
Nine for Windows users, doomed to die
One for Dark Lord Jobs on his throne
In the land of Cupertino, where shadows lie.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 0) 461

I'm a HUUUUGE fan on the internet. It blows me away how much much millenials think Apple invented everything. I've grown to hate apple users more in the past 6 months than in the past 10 years.

Apple fans could be better. They could admit that the Creative Nomad was 10 times the MP3 player the gen 1 iPod was at half the price. They could stop using the word "podcast", and admit that this piece of branding was a crass and cynical attempt by Apple to re-brand the internet. They can recognize how disturbing and Orwellian the "walled garden" is.

I find it funny that apple fanboys say Windows is hard to use when OSX does inexplicable and hard-to-recover-from things when I accidentally trigger one of the thousands of obscure 'gestures'.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 4, Funny) 461

....because speech-to-text is a solved problem now, and always works.

If you really insist on doing so, you can feel free to be the alpha testers for this non-working feature, and graciously supply multiple samples of your voice, to be analyzed with millions of others, so that this problem can be possibly solved in the future.

In the mean time, some of us need to use our computers for work.

Comment Re:Coren22's "greatest hits" fails #4/4... apk (Score 1) 342

You rely on windows to both:
A. respect your wishes
B. not be pre-r00t'd

Both are a fantasy.

blocklists belong in your firewall, not the devices you have the least control over (PCs).
Many sysadmins will question the validity of saying the PC is the network component you have the least control over.... those who say that aren't familiarized with Windows 10 yet.

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