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Comment: Re:Whatever means necessary? (Score 5, Informative) 815 815

The civil war was not fought over slavery. It wasn't even fought over keeping the south in the union. It was fought to keep Brittan from reconquering the US.

The south didn't have any money. Slavery in the south made commodity traders in the north rich, not the slave owners. You may find that hard to believe... How can you own slaves and not be rich? How can you live in one of those huge plantation houses, and not be rich? The economics of slavery favor the slave trader, not the slave owner. And those plantation houses look huge until you realize it housed an extended family of 20-30 people, plus house slaves. There were white people working the fields right next to the slaves (and they were treated only marginally better).

The south didn't have any money, but war is expensive. So how did the civil war even happen?! Turns out the south had a friend across the ocean willing to lend them very very large amounts of money. Now what could the UK possibly want in return for funding a civl war? America split in two, that's what. Divide and conquer. The war of 1812 was only 50 years ago, and Britain had not yet given up aspirations of reconquest.

Lincoln didn't free the slaves because he's a nice guy. Lincoln proclaimed emancipation to make the British government's support of slave-owning confederates EXTREMELY unpopular with the British people, who were vehemently abolitionist. Lincoln turned a war about the economic oppression of the south into a war about slavery, and in doing so, isolated the south from the rest of the world. Without the support of the UK, or the industrial capacity of the north, the confederacy was doomed.

They don't this in schools because anyone who says the civil was wasn't about slavery is a racist confederacy apologist. The fact that you don't know the civil was was about keeping North America free of the tyranny of the British crown is DANGEROUS..... and the political correctness that lead to that ignorance is one of the tumors slowly killing America.

Comment: Re:Buggy software is buggy (Score 1) 233 233

Perhaps I'm blissfully ignorant, but I don't understand why almost any software would need to be time synchronized down to the second.

Assuming there are applications where synchronized time is mission critical..... in those cases, relying on a 3rd party to provide time in a way you have no control over is PURE LUNACY.

The example of an airline grinding to a halt over 1 second..... I guess you do need highly synchronized computer systems so that you can tell me with 14 decimal places of precision that my flight is 20 minutes late.... Who the fuck built that system and said "Let's just sync it with, because the government never screws anything up!"...?!

Comment: rape culture? (Score 0, Flamebait) 1198 1198

Rape culture?
Here's what rape culture is: women are many times more likely to get raped by someone they know, but they want to blame ALL MEN. That's your fucking "rape culture".

Nerds are the bad guys now? LOL! Give me a break.

Yes, there is much misogyny in nerd culture, and I am proud of it. Women have in the past, and CONTINUE to reject *authentic* nerds, and we are RIGHTLY angry about this.

I point out nerd authenticity, as there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not nerds are sexy now. They are not. What you think is nerd sexyness is hipster faggotry. Leonard on TBBT doesn't dress nerd, he dresses hipster.

Nerd culture is male, and to pretend geek girls actually exist is silly. Sure, you see chicks at conventions; Damaged girls looking for attention and/or whores trying to get their hands into your geeky wallet.

*REAL* geek girls only exist if you modify the meaning of the word. Is someone obsessed with Korean soap operas a geek? Is a polyglot a geek? Is someone obsessed with knitting a geek? No, no, and GOD NO.

Comment: Re:A fifth horseman (Score 1) 449 449

What's your interpretation? Bloodshed and violence over politics are things that only happen in countries besides USA? That this quote couldn't possibly apply to the land we live in because our government isn't tyranical?

I'm sure people told "TJ" the same things when he wrote it.

Comment: Re:A fifth horseman (Score 1) 449 449

His "troops" that is, people who think the likes of McVeigh, Stack, and Heemeyer as heroes probably doesn't need any more reason to rally. Most normal law-abiding citizens aren't going to rally behind the banner of McVeigh. He should have played the game and named a couple random founding fathers. Now he's allied himself with only those who find murdering innocent people a valid way to change the federal government (worked well didn't it?). I don't see him gaining much support.

McVeigh is the Oswald of our generation. A below-average special forces wanna-be who got duped into thinking he was being the hero, when in fact, he was getting setup to be the patsy for something horrible.

Weev putting McVeigh on a pedastal for being anti-government proves that he's out of jail because he made a deal and switched sides.

Comming soon: a new white-hat collective founded and lead by Weev, and staffed by future federal prison inmates.

Comment: Re: Sure, I guess I agree (Score 2) 261 261

In the old days, people who played at war died on the battlefield. That was a good thing, because we're better off with such men dead. The problem with modern warfare is that they come home alive. In an ideal war, both sides slaughter each other and the last man standing dies of his wounds before he makes it home.

When was that exactly? I watch a lot of history channel, and history is mostly filled with kings and generals standing BEHIND the lines of poor people with pointy sticks.

Comment: Re:Same tricks played in UK (Score 1) 199 199

Why shouldn't they use "tricks" to avoid evil behavior by various governments. Google owes France $1 billion!? Really? For what? For creating jobs in France and for benefiting French people through its free products for which the French government has not contributed 1 cent?

You could make the same argument about any tax levied by any government anywhere.

Comment: Re:This shit is already polluting the SF Bay Area (Score 4, Informative) 253 253

Same in Philadelphia for at least as long. Took multiple calls to tech to get someone on the phone who even knew what the fuck I was talking about. First two phone calls, the techs pretended(?) to not know what I was talking about. So, hang up and try again. Tech support roulette is fun!

During 3rd call to comcast tech support, I was told this was an "Xfinity wifi"-specific issue, and I'd need to call a separate number.

So, I called the dedicated Xfinity WiFi tech support number. They started by asking me what location I was trying to connect from. Home? Oh, well then, you need to call the home internet support number. 1-800-COMCAST. Wow. Thanks.

It wasn't until the 5th phone call that I got someone on the phone who knew what I was talking about, and they transferred me to a higher-tier tech who could turn off the hotspot.

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