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Comment Re: Android's stock browser MUST be removed (Score 1) 92

Not sure how it works under the hood as I've never cared for it on that level of detail, but system apps do receive updates on Android. I assume they come in the form of binary overlays, as you have the option of uninstalling them, while this option is denied you for the actual app. Uninstalling the updates reverts the app to its original feature set. And replying out of band here, but w.r.t. the i-naming for Apple products: never knew it stood for Internet (also should've been capitalised then), but whatever their reasons, it sure was catchier than prefixing everything with "mac". But in those days there was a lot of i-this, e-that, v-the-other-thing and x-whatever going on... For some reason only the i survived... Those guys in Cupertino know their marketing...

Comment Re:Battery life non-issue (Score 1) 113

People don't use their watches while they sleep - charging every night in exchange for the extra functionality is a good deal for most people.

Depends on how you use it. I use my Pebble for sleep tracking, and it vibrates in the morning when my alarm goes off.

Yes, I could do without that; I just use it 'coz it's there. Then again, I can also do without all the "bloat" they seem to be adding to smart watches. Trading in the extra functionality for longer operational time between charges is a good deal to me. I don't need a miniature tablet on my wrist, I just want something that notifies me of incoming calls, SMS, emails and IMs, and calendar events, so I don't have to dig my phone out of my pocket every time it beeps for attention.

To be honest though, I haven't taken too close a look at other smart watch offerings. So maybe the extra functionality could be nice to have. It's just that at the moment, I can't envision anything I'd want to use my smartwatch for that I can't already do with the Pebble.

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