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Comment: Re:I've been a customer for a long time (Score 1) 187

by Kazymyr (#44469577) Attached to: Online Shop Has Closed
Same here. Started buying from them around 1999-2000. In fact I bought a few hard drives from them just last week. I dunno where I'll be getting older technology HDDs at steal prices. I have a few devices that I'm maintaining that are incompatible with newer tech (4k sector) HDDs, which everyone makes these days... I need another source for older tech (512byte sector) HDDs.

Comment: Re:A solution (Score 2) 260

by Kazymyr (#42223467) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Laptop With Decent Linux Graphics Support?

Or buy from a company that allows you to customize every aspect of the laptop. I have an Eurocom Racer,219,0%29 with Radeon HD6970M graphics. You almost can't get better non-Nvidia mobile graphics than that. Got it with no OS installed, and it runs xubuntu like a champ.

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