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Comment Samsung Note 4 and better phones have... (Score 1) 186 insane long standby time.

When I full charge that thing, it can take a call or text for like two weeks. Maybe using that mode is worth a thought. It's still useful for web browsing, e-mail, text, etc...

(And yes, I tested that on a long trip, no charger. Got 10 days, no problem, took a few calls, answered a few e-mails, various SMS.

Comment Re:Sounds good... (Score 3, Informative) 103

50 kw per hour is 36 megawatts a month.

I don't think that math means what you think it means. That means 36 MWh / month. 3600 KWh / month.

If I leave on a space heater, that's 1.5KWh / h = 1080KHh / month. So 36 people could run their space heaters.

A small town needs a power plant capable of 36MW. Not 36MHw / month.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 264

The most sexism I've encountered while attending university was in the economics department. Flagrantly sexist jokes that would get a computer scientist crucified, shown to a an auditorium full of freshmen students, the majority female. You've fallen for a smear campaign.

So, just so I understand here, you're saying that there is worse sexual harassment outside science and technology, therefore harassment within science and technology doesn't exist / is not a problem.

Do we really have to spell out how that is not an argument?

Comment Re:grain of salt, but sound advice (Score 2) 70

There's a part I disagree with him on. From TFA:

"Thereâ(TM)s a reason its called and advanced persistent threat; we'll poke and poke and wait and wait until we get in."

No. It's called that because it sounds scarier than "got past my mediocre defenses".

If they did not have to burn a zero-day (or rappel through a skylight) to get in then it is plain-old "cracking". People just prefer to call it "APT" because no one can defend against an "APT attack".

If they could defend against it then it would be a regular-type-attack that was successfully defended against.

The rest of his advice is good enough.

Comment Re:The wall will be built (Score 1) 832

People keep fallaciously saying this... If it makes you feel better, by all means keep repeating it to yourself. You don't

1) Understand HOW a President gets elected (Seriously- if you mention "popular vote" in this context, you DO NOT KNOW.)
2) Understand that it's not what YOU wish, but what a lot of other people think that you clearly know nothing about.

While I didn't agree with the man's take on things, I thought Romney was going to take it because of anti-Dem fervor back then. Clearly I was wrong. Pontificating like you have here, you're likely to be that too. Just don't act shocked, pissed, etc. when it doesn't work out that way. I won't agree with you then and I won't have any sympathy either.

Comment Twitter should shut down criminal speech (Score 1) 832

And that's the usual, threats, etc...

As for the speech we don't like? It's up to them. The First Amendment applies to the government. Twitter can do whatever it wants.

Personally, I like the haters using Twitter. It's making it very clear, very quickly, just who is who. Trump is making an International ass of himself. Glorious!

Also, the First Amendment does not contain a shield. The answer to free speech we don't like is more free speech. So, that means we don't or should not ask Twitter to shut Trump down, unless it's criminal. And that also means we simply use Twitter to tell everyone just how big of an asshole Trump actually is!

Passes Popcorn Bowl to the right. Crunch, crunch....

Submission + - How do I get Microsoft to get up off their asses & look at a Windows 10 prob ( 4

mykepredko writes: My product communicates with a host system via Bluetooth (using the Serial Port Profile) and each time a device is connected to a PC a couple of serial ports are allocated. Windows has always had a problem with not automatically disposing of the allocated ports when the connection is removed, but until Windows 10, there were processes for deleting them. This isn't possible for Windows 10 (which apparently has new Serial/Com port and/or Bluetooth drivers) — but individuals, who are apparently working for Microsoft, periodically reply with useless suggestions or attempt to promote questions and ideas as solutions to the problem: I suspect that this is an issue for all Windows 10 users (although I guess few people are plugging/unplugging devices) — so how do we get Microsoft to take notice (and not have to pay for them to fix their bug)?

Comment Re:Remember the NASA Wind Turbines? (Score 1) 184

Current blades are trucked in one piece (per blade) which is impressive to see. Three of them were parked on I-5 outside of Patterson, California a few months ago. There are a lot of net videos and photos which convey the scale.

Even at the current size they can't get through many highway interchanges and local intersections. The larger ones won't be able to ship in one piece at all.

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