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Comment: Re:Bad Summary, Only new part is the sharing optio (Score 1) 480 480

The point is that with Windows 10 this will happen automatically without them knowing it.

So when I invite a Win10 user and give him/her the password, that password may be shared to anybody that Win10 user is connected to - without that Win10 user knowing or realizing it.

And of course a lot of people use the same password for their WIFI as for other stuff, so Win10 seems to be a quite nice password sniffer.

That is the problem. People screaming passwords from mountaintops isn't.

Comment: Re:Yes it matters (Score 0) 668 668

Well, Western medicine is geared towards medicine that is mass-produced and is the same for everybody.

Anything that does not fit the pattern is essentially forbidden, for example:


Phage therapy is an alternative to antibiotics, has no side effects and is dirt-cheap. (Literally: Phages can be grown by using local sewage-water, because that water contains exactly those bacteria you want to fight) The problem is that they only work for a very specific strain of bacteria, therefore the phages have to be grown to match the patient's infection and some phages may work only for a few dozen patients. - Far too few to justify making the huge testing necessary for medication.

So phages are de-facto illegal, even though they are risk-free and there is a huge problem with antibiotics and they are the only chance against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

To be fair, this overregulation was imported from the East (think Byzantine Empire, Chinese Empire, etc.) and is not really a Western idea. Nevertheless it is today a feature of Western medicine.

Comment: Re:Absence of OPSEC is compensated by disinformati (Score 1) 180 180

Poroshenko also once held up Russian civilian passports from supposedly dead Russian soldiers in a press conference - obviously not knowing that Russian soldiers have military (that means different) passports.

He seems to be one of those people who cannot distinguish a plausible lie from a wild fary-tale.

Comment: Re:Why IPv6 is broken (Score 1) 595 595

but hey you think it's all good and there's no problems.

OK, I give up. You IPv6-people are unwilling to understand the simplest things.

I never said that "it's all good". What I did say is that IPv6 is incapable of solving that problems that we indeed have with IPv4. And the reason is incompatibility.

10 years ago, people like you already scared people by claiming that "IP addresses run out". Well yes, but people preferred to create workarounds for IPv4 than switch over to the incompatible IPv6. And the same will happen in the next 10 years.

I told you why that happened but you simply refuse to listen. So it will continue to happen.

The computer is to the information industry roughly what the central power station is to the electrical industry. -- Peter Drucker