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Comment: Re:He screwed up. (Score 1) 144

by Sun (#49549419) Attached to: Groupon Refuses To Pay Security Expert Who Found Serious XSS Site Bugs

Let's tone down the ad-hominem, please.

I brought forward the period of time the data was published as indication of intent. It does imply that the publication was unintended.

There is a Hebrew proverb, "the law will puncture the mountain". It means strict adherence to the letter of the law, regardless of circumstances (or common sense).

If you say "that's the agreement, and he violated it, however brief and however unintentional", then you still have to account to the 30 other vulnerabilities, for which Groupon is also refusing to pay, for no good reason at all.


Comment: Re:Unless (Score 1) 300

by Sun (#49504643) Attached to: Joseph Goebbels' Estate Sues Publisher Over Diary Excerpt Royalties

I didn't say "Jews control Hollywood"

You claimed that no movies are made about other genocides done by the Nazis because the Jews want the term "Holocaust" to only refer to that aspect of it. It is not possible for the to happen if the Jews don't actually control Hollywood. Merely producing a few movies won't stop others from producing other movies.

Also, I cannot help but point out that while you emphatically deny that you said that, you did not deny that that is what you believe. Quite the contrary, you tried to bring support to precisely the same point of view you deny expressing (albeit from the only person in history who can be said to have murdered even more people than Hitler himself).

Anti-Semite? I don't recognize Jewish "ownership" of this term

It should be fairly obvious at this point that I have zero control over what you do or do not do. In terms of what the term means, however, you are wrong. See wikipedia, Merriam-Webster and the Oxford dictionary.

is the quick insult that's guaranteed to kill the conversation

Which is strange, because after I called you that, I went on to address your argument. Now why would I do that if all I want to do is kill the conversation?

While I completely agree that the label "anti-semite" is used too quickly on people who do not deserve it, in your case, given that you repeat a well known anti-semite story, it seems warranted.


Comment: Re:Unless (Score 0) 300

by Sun (#49503987) Attached to: Joseph Goebbels' Estate Sues Publisher Over Diary Excerpt Royalties

In fact, not to sound crass, Goebbels would have been proud.

He'd certainly commend you on this comment. Particularly the part where you say:

Hollywood has produced movie after movie, I don't blame for keeping history alive to protect themselves

So the Jews control Hollywood? Anti-Semitic much?

The Armenian Holocaust have been hashed mostly for political reasons. Too many nations care too much about what Turkey thinks, and they are extremely touchy about the matter. Let's hope that now that the Pope bashed them for it, that it will get more attention.

As for the Nazis non-Jews murder victims: the Nazis haven't been nearly as methodical in persecuting Roma, blacks, socialists etc. as they have the Jews. One of the side effects is that no one is really certain who should be counted toward that number (as opposed to "normal" war casualties). In fact, according to wikipedia, the number you quote (5 million) is on the low end of the estimates range, with the high end reaching as far as 16 million!


Comment: Re:Unless (Score 1) 300

by Sun (#49503913) Attached to: Joseph Goebbels' Estate Sues Publisher Over Diary Excerpt Royalties

60 million is a bit over-reaching. The only numbers I know that match that from WWII are for the number of casualties during the war. The number of people the Nazies actually murdered is not 100% clear, because other than the Jews, the Nazies weren't as methodical about the murders. Including 6 million Jews, the estimates range from 11 to 20 million.

I don't think it makes sense to count people killed, say, by invading British or American armies as people Goebbels can be held personally accountable for.


Comment: Re:Male teachers (Score 1) 148

Male teachers are getting more and more rare, and discrimination is the reason.

Could it also be pay? I hear teaching (well, below college level) isn't particularly lucrative. And it is still at least partially the case that males tend to be the primary breadwinner. If you are making $40k a year teaching, or you could switch to software engineering or something and make $70k ...

I'm not saying it's not disrimination, either, I'm just wondering if we can really blame it solely on those sorts of societal pressures and not on economics, too.

Comment: Re:12 clicks for basic info? (Score 1) 184

I've seen one extremely frustrating EHR in action. And it's true, the UI is awful. I don't think it was a manger, though, it looked to me like it was designed by an techy, heh. I would have thought that generic non-techy PHB would want something like TurboTax.

And it's not just the UI, it's also the specificity that is sometimes required - like, in medical history, someone says they broke their arm. There's no selection for "broken arm," it has to be a specific bone. So, patient who broke your arm when you were 6... what bone was it? :)

Comment: Re:Here's the key... (Score 1) 185

by Sun (#49444115) Attached to: The Key To Interviewing At Google

I can tell you that the feedback I got from my recruiter matched what I sensed from the interview. I think I can tell when the interviewer lost interest in me, and that was when I said I tried not to manage such big teams.

As for working for Google: How do you handle not being able to tell anyone what you're working on? Does that not bother you?

From what I hear,, Google's secrecy is second only to Apple (where you cannot even tell your coworkers what you're working on).


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