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Comment: Re:I need java developers. (Score 1) 262

by Monx (#26304047) Attached to: Getting Started With Part-Time Development Work?

I've worked remotely and managed remote workers. Sometimes offsite contracting works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's nice to have an in-person brainstorming or design session. Right now, I want local candidates.

In this job market, what are the odds that the only qualified candidates are remote?

Comment: I need java developers. (Score 3, Informative) 262

by Monx (#26302201) Attached to: Getting Started With Part-Time Development Work?

My company needs Java developers. We're looking to build a list of available contractors to do work over the next year as demand for our services grows. If you want to work in S. Florida, e-mail me.

I'm sure there are similar opportunities elsewhere. You just have to find them. A recruiter might be a good place to start.

Comment: Re:Berne convention? (Score 1) 648

by Monx (#26220001) Attached to: Psystar Claims Apple Forgot To Copyright Mac OS

Perhaps what we will see from this then is 2 flavors of Mac OS X. One that costs $1200 that you can install on any machine and get no support for, and one that costs $120 that you can install on Apple branded hardware.

That wouldn't work though, because the fundamental problem is that Apple isn't (or shouldn't be, anyway) allowed to impose that restriction after the sale because it infringes on the buyer's property rights and violates the Doctrine of First Sale and the Uniform Commercial Code.

In order to do what you describe, Apple should be required to present a contract on the outside of the $120 box and have the buyer (or rather, licensee since it's no longer a "sale") sign it, in ink, in the presence of an Apple employee, before handing over his money!

This is easy to get around. Every Mac can ship with a "$1080 off your next purchase of OS X" coupon.

I'm not advocating this, I'm just pointing out that it can be done in a way that does not violate any laws.

Comment: First touch screen? (Score 5, Insightful) 371

by Monx (#26143821) Attached to: Jobs Not Giving This Year's Macworld Keynote

... iPhone brought in the first touch screen, and now everybody and I mean everybody is coming out with touch screens ...

Are you serious? I have had nothing but touch screen phones since 2001.

  1. VisorPhone
  2. Samsung SPH-I300
  3. Samsung SPH-I330
  4. Treo 600
  5. Treo 650p

The models I used actually started out as pure touch screen and then added keyboards (retaining the touch screen) because you can type faster with buttons (and the Xerox graffiti lawsuit). You can also touch-type with buttons.

The iPhone has nothing really new except that it was marketed to everyone and not just PDA users. Suddenly smartphones are "cool" because Apple makes one. That's fine.

I've been a Mac user for over 20 years. I'm typing this on a Mac. I'm glad Apple is doing well.

I'm also glad that people still make real smartphones like Treos, because I am a PDA user and I refuse to give up meaningful features for marketing fluff and looks. My four-year-old Treo model has many, many features that the iPhone lacks, including multimedia features like stereo bluetooth support and over a decade's worth of third-party software available directly from the people who developed it.

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