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Comment Re:New fullscreen application launcher! (Score 4, Insightful) 43

I think the main problem with full screen applications as done by Windows 8 is the lack of user choice. Some applications are full screen. Other applications are windowed. You want to mix them? Sorry, no. You want to run a Metro (or whatever they ended up calling it) application in a window? Sorry, not an option. You want to run a "legacy" application full screen? Tough.

Choosing to run a specific application in full screen may be something positive, if so warranted by circumstances.


Comment Re:COMAPRISON REQUIRED (Score 1) 64

I fail to see how that is relevant to my point.

There are two paths you might wish to take. You want to know the chances of something bad happening in each one, regardless of what each one actually is.

They need to be compared, because as far as the patient is concerned, they are alternatives she needs to chose between.


Comment Re:Not exactly like Superfish (Score 1) 289

You have to follow the money.

User doesn't update. User gets hacked. How much did user cost Samsung? Nothing.

Use updates. Drivers stop working. User calls Samsung tech-sup. Possibly, user gets told to restore machine, costing user all of their data. User posts bad reviews.

The economy of the matter is that sometimes the drivers mismatch (I'm not sure why this happens) or otherwise fail to work properly. Samsung has very little influence over what drivers get pushed through the update mechanism. When the drivers don't work, it costs Samsung money.

When I worked at Check Point, someone there used to joke that Check Point is in the connectivity business. People know you cannot connect to the Internet without a firewall.....

The truth of the matter is that there is no trade-off between security and usability. An unusable security device will get turned off by the user, resulting in less security. Usability is as important a driver to security as avoiding buffer overruns. Obviously, at least as far as Samsung is concerned, MS isn't doing a good enough job on that front.


Comment Not exactly like Superfish (Score 2) 289

This is not malicious. It is stupid and ignorant, but not malicious.

This reminds me of when someone got Verisign to issue a signed certificate saying "microsoft.com". Clearly Verisign, and not MS's, fault.

It turned out Microsoft could not issue a revocation, because Internet explorer does not check CRLs. MS's fault, right? Wrong. They were not testing CRLs because verisign would not bring up the web server that issues them, causing each and every SSL connection to time out. MS preferred, reasonably IMHO, to be insecure over not working.


Comment Sue them for defamation (Score 1) 180

Or is it slander? I'm not a lawyer.

In essence, these sites claim that your site is maleware/spam. This seems to me to be an actionable claim.

Furthermore, winning such a court case would also result in companies not automatically listening to those falsly reporting, or placing a proper appeal process into their blocking procedures.


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