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Comment: A few ideas on detecting drivers vs passengers. (Score 2, Interesting) 184

by JoeyRox (#46737865) Attached to: The Case For a Safer Smartphone
One way would be turn on the phone's front camera when driving speeds are detected and use facial recognition algorithms to detect when the person is driving...for example one way would be to require the person to stare at the phone for a minimum amount of time...and also keep looking at the phone. Another method would be to require two-handed dexterity tests that can't be done while driving. I realize all of these might actually increase the risk from die-hard driving texters since it would distract them even more.

Comment: Time has come to programmatically disable features (Score 0, Flamebait) 184

by JoeyRox (#46737755) Attached to: The Case For a Safer Smartphone
I never thought I would be a person to advocate a law to restrict personal freedoms but I think it's time to require smartphone vendors to disable texting when driving speeds are detected. This is not about protecting people from themselves but about protecting other people [on the road]. Texting while driving is unbelievably dangerous. I'm sure someone can come up with way to differentiate a driver from a passenger so that passengers can still be permitted to text. If not then so be it.

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