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Comment: Don't see the need (Score 2) 50

by JoeyRox (#47955127) Attached to: Video Released, Crowdfunding Underway For Axiom Open Source Cinema Camera
The digital camera market for video is very competitive and so there are some great feature-rich cameras available for shooting cinematic video. Most notable is the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema (was on sale for $500 recently), the Panasonic GH2 ($400 used), GH3 ($600 used), and GH4 ($1700 new).

Comment: Tick/Tock has become NOP/NOP (Score 1) 60

As in no discernible improvement in performance even across multiple generations. Intel's process-reduction strategy made sense in the past for improving battery life but now that notebooks are pushing 8+ hours on reasonably-sized batteries I don't think it's enough anymore.

Comment: Re:Diet is very important. (Score 1) 588

by JoeyRox (#47807231) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study
A calorie is in fact a calorie. It is true that carbohydrates, fats, and proteins each have different energy expenditures (loss) during human metabolism but these differences are already reflected in their rated calorie values - they are "net" values after metabolism. The law of conservation of energy trumps fad diet books, gross misconceptions, and imprecisely controlled human experiments.

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