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Comment Re:New age ideas, old age greed (Score 2) 321

I completely agree. What's ironic is that Tony uses all the money he makes hoarding the equity in his companies to finance his creativity elsewhere, such as the Vegas downtown project. It would be nice if he spread some of that wealth so others could find an outlet for their ideas as well, an outlet that doesn't involve making Tony more money.

Comment New age ideas, old age greed (Score 5, Insightful) 321

The biggest issue I have with Mr. Hsieh is that one of his core values is employees should be motivated by factors other than compensation. I can certainly agree with the premise but the problem is he doesn't offer much in exchange for the lack of compensation. Employees are exposed to all the difficulties of a young, startup atmosphere, including long hours, uncertain work/living environment (move to downtown uprooted lots of employees), volatile policies (holacracy implementation), etc... But employees get none of the benefits that normally come with those issues, specifically compensation.

When Tony sold Zappos to Amaozn he became a centimillionaire several times over. Yet none of the rank and file earned a penny off the sale, per Tony's core belief that employees shouldn't be motivated by compensation, which apparently includes equity compensation as well. If you're going to treat your employees like guinea pigs for your social theory experiments at least give them some carrots for the distressful uncertainty it creates.

Comment Whac-a-Mole strategy wont work (Score 1) 344

The ad industry probably believes it can stop the growth of ad blocking by consigning the big ad blocking apps and hoping users either wont notice 'approved' ads creeping into their browsing experiencing or that they'll be too lazy to find a replacement. But this is not like changing the default search engine of a browser to increase search traffic - ad blocking users are a much more motivated group. Not to mention that waving greenmail in the front of AdBlock will only encourage other developers to create their own software to cash in on the largess.

Comment "Ads hard to find because changed after approval" (Score 1) 111

In that case we'll all continue to run ad blockers until you guys are able to figure out which ads are good and which are bad. This fiasco should serve as motivation for the ad industry to start aggressively self-regulating, including funding action against rule breakers. They'll be the death of your industry if you allow them to continue.

Comment More clues that he's the muslim bubble boy (Score 0) 662

The more information that leaks the clearer it becomes that this was a planned hoax to achieve exactly the outcome that it did. To wit:

1) Ahmed claimed he invented the clock - now we know he simply repackaged it.
2) Mark Cuban on Bill Maher's show said that he spoke with multiple individuals in the school district (Cuban lives in Dallas) and they claimed that Ahmed took it upon himself to take his "invention" out of his bag in every one of his classes and it was only in the 6th class that a teacher became suspicious, in English clash.
3) That teacher repeatedly asked Ahmed to explain what his invention was and to put it away and Ahmed failed to engage and respond to the teacher.
4) Mark Cuban had a long conversation with Ahmed on the phone and said he could hear Ahmed's sister advising him how to respond to each of Marks' questions as he asked them
5) New stores leaking imply that Ahmed's parents are muslim activists, although there is weak confirmation of this.

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