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Comment: Not brave to declare after you've become CEO (Score 1) 764

by JoeyRox (#48271799) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"
It doesn't seem all that courageous to me to declare you're gay *after* you've completed the climb up the corporate ladder to the CEO position. It would be more impressive if he did it before the perceived risk to his career had long-since passed. Doesn't set a good example for other gays - hiding the fact you're gay until it's safe career-wise to come out.

Comment: Wonder if health care workers will give pause (Score 2) 421

by JoeyRox (#48123841) Attached to: Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola
We now have two cases of Ebola being contracted by health care workers in developed nations (Spain, USA), plus the many workers who have contracted it while working with patients in the affected African nations. One wonders if the pool of health care workers willing to work with these patients will start to dwindle and whether the CDC call for calm is more direct at those workers than the general public.

Comment: Government breeds panic by saying not to panic (Score 1) 258

Our government thinks we're a bunch of impulsive automatons that need to be instructed when and how we need to worry. They try to control panic by metering out information, first telling citizens "nobody on the plane is at risk" and "the chance of infection spread is near zero" and then slowly releasing information to the contrary, like how there are now home-quarantined individuals and 80 more under observation. FYI government officials: Your strategy has the opposite effect because it undermines our confidence in your information and leaves us to our own devices and imagination about how to protect ourselves and our family.

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