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JoeyRox writes: Thousands of mobile applications are downloading ads that are never presented to users but which collect an estimated $850 million in fraudulent revenue from advertisers per year. The downloading of these invisible ads can slow down users' phones and consume up to 2GB of bandwidth per day. Forensiq, an online technology firm fighting fraud for advertisers, found over 5,000 apps displayed unseen ads on both Apple and Android devices. "The sheer amount of activity generated by apps with fake ads was what initially exposed the scam. Forensiq noticed that some apps were calling up ads at such a high frequency that the intended audience couldn’t possibly be actual humans".
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Comment Re:French citizens should be looking at Greece (Score 1) 334 334

Right, because in the absence of government intervention no private company would ever fill the void by coming up with businesses that allow people to review products so that others can avoid corporations taking shortcuts with their products. I didn't realize Consumer Reports, IIHS, and Yelp were government-run enterprises.

Comment Re:French citizens should be looking at Greece (Score 1) 334 334

France doesn't have that problem? Tell that to all the wealthy ex-pats who left the country after France was proposing a 75% income tax. And you think corruption is unique to Greece? Btw, "There, fixed that for you" went out with Barney 5 years ago. He was the purple dinosaur btw.

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