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Comment Re:He's Not Qualified (Score 2) 235

Way to miss the point

Oh, I got your "point" - it's just stupid.

...replies ... are mutually incompatible...

You don't seem to know what "mutually incompatible" means.

For instance if "there's no explicit claim he's an authority" (ignore for the moment that an explicit claim of authority is *utterly* unnecessary for a line of reasoning to qualify as an "appeal to authority") and "...comment implies your [sic - "the" maybe?] reasoning is fallacious because you appeal to authority" were mutually incompatible, then it would it would be impossible for both to be true at the same time, and it's not.

Your third point is just plain false, and otherwise is in in no way incompatible with the others.

For your last point, hating someone for their success is in no way whatsoever incompatible with the object of hate making an implicit appeal to authority, it is perfectly possible for both situations to co-obtain.

Dictionary.com might help you:



Comment Re:He's Not Qualified (Score 1) 235

... at least some authority over and above the general public by virtue of being a thinker and a genius...

This is *precisely* how the "appeal to authority" fallacy works. Congrats on falling into it face-first.

Being a "thinker and a genius" does not - in ANY WAY - grant him any kind of generic authority over the public.

Comment Re:There was no before (Score 1) 225

Suppose that our Universe turns out to be... ...suppose that we find out how to communicate between Universes ... and one has a history that can match up to our own ...it's conceivable that there is a before.

This is literally ALL supposition. You are just playing word games.

SURE, *if* we grant all your magical suppositions, then I suppose saying "before" the universe is at least "conceivable", in some way.

Also, if I had a magical moon chariot powered by unicorn farts I could fly to the moon yesterday, but that has just about as much relation to reality as your pile of suppositions.

Lastly the conceivability argument has no entailment, it literally means nothing as well.

Comment Re:We know there are questions we can't answer. (Score 1) 225

You are falling for the same issue many people do, i.e. using current technology and knowledge as the baseline.

No, they aren't. There are theoretical hard limits on what is computable, and not in the "what is computable now, given current technology and knowledge" sense, but in the "can X theoretically EVER be computed?" sense.

The answer to that is NO. Go read some Turing and Godel. We *know* there are questions we can ask which it is impossible to get an answer for, and not simply because of epistemological limitations, but fundamental limits to information processing itself.

Comment Re:There was no before (Score 1) 225

...But that doesn't mean that there was no before...

Sure it does. Speaking of "before" the universe is a meaningless sentence. It's "not even wrong".

The concept of "before" is undefined except within the universe, because time itself only has meaning within the context of an instantiated universe.

Without the universe, there is no time, without time, "before" is undefined and has no meaning, therefore there really was no "before" the universe.

It's like asking: "What's the square root of the colour of the idea my invisible rainbow unicorn is wearing as a garage?"

It's grammatical, but that doesn't mean it carries any meaning...

Likewise with causality itself, our notion of causality is inseparable from our notion of time. Without time, what does causality even mean?

Comment Re:Aaaaand.. (Score 1) 248

Unions do have a place and need in certain industries... it's just that tech isn't one of them. Anyone sufficiently competent in the tech industry can improve him/herself and get a better income over time...

In your current job, do you have health insurance? Sick leave? Vacation days? Safety standards? I wonder where those came from...

Comment Re:Just Moral Panic: They're taking our jobs!!! (Score 1) 331

Don't normally reply to ACs, but here goes.

What you complain about as "bigotry" (I've noticed your ilk love the "moral panic" caused by that word) is actually just simple self interest.

I find it ironic that a nice left winger...

There's nothing that self-identifies a bigot quite like the use of phrases like "your ilk" and labeling anyone that says something they don't want to hear as a "left winger".

...is it in our nation's best interests to bring in workers who will take high paying jobs from US citizens?

LOL - AC, you can't even logic! This assumes that H-1Bs ARE taking "high paying jobs from US citizens". I argued this is not the case, and gave my reasons. You can't show the opposite by simply assuming the conclusion - that's circular reasoning!

You offer more and more money so that people languishing in dead-end but comfy jobs will change jobs...

Right, and then who's going to fill those now vacant jobs?

By your "logic" we can double our food supply by just cutting it in half!

If there are only a dozen eggs available - but you need *two* dozen - you can offer $1 million per egg but you're still only going to be able to buy a dozen.

Comment Re:Just Moral Panic: They're taking our jobs!!! (Score 1) 331

... and it's also perfectly reasonable for those senior devs to command a high salary. should it be any other way?

No, it shouldn't be any other way. However, we ARE offering the kind of salaries that should attract qualified senior devs. (better even!)

The problem isn't that we aren't offering good enough pay to attract applicants - we get plenty of applicants. The problem also isn't that we're not attracting senior or experienced devs - we get plenty of applicants with tons of experience "on paper".

The problem is that they're failing the interviews - it turns that unemployed "experienced" devs are generally unemployed for good reason. We have people show up with 10-20yrs "experience" on their resume who are useless at some truly basic shit: like they can't tell the difference between a linked list and an array, between pointers and references, between thread and processes, between mutexes and semaphores etc etc etc... don't know what boxing/unboxing is, can't define latency, ping and jitter and can't hash out an algorithm in pseudo-code on paper to save their lives.

Comment Re:Just Moral Panic: They're taking our jobs!!! (Score 1) 331

I have never had a developer "fall in my lap"...

LOL - that's pretty much how my company found me! They've been lamenting ever since that they haven't been able to find anyone else that way...

...we have trained each one that was successful ...

That's what I'd be doing if I was in charge of hiring/HR

It generally takes a year but anyone that is going to stick around adds value equal to the starting pay inside a month or two.

Provided they actually DO stick around! Many shops are quite reluctant to "hire & train" because of the potential wasted investment if they leave...

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