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Comment HTML == Programming? (Score 1) 512

In one of my previous jobs, I was responsible for interviewing and hiring new web app developers.

Over and over again, I kept seeing people list "HTML" as one of the "programming languages" they knew. I got so annoyed with this, I developed a quick two question filter to get rid of the idiots.

First, I asked them to confirm whether or not HTML was a "programming language".

If they said no it wasn't, it was just markup/typesetting, I would then ask them why they included it under programming languages on their resume. Usually they would reply that it was just easier or more convenient etc... They'd lose points for clarity, but ok, no biggie. Occasionally they would say something like "because HR people are idiots and don't understand the difference", fair enough, no problem with that.

... BUT *most* of the time, they would emphatically declare that: "yes HTML was a programming language". These people then got my followup question:

Here's a pen and paper. Show me how to do iteration and conditionals in HTML pseudocode.

For those people, that was the end of the interview, bye!

Comment Depends on your age & experience (Score 1) 319

When I was younger, it was fun and novel to update my OS everytime something "new" came out, so I would. I spent a lot of my weekends and weeknights doing this. Hell, sometimes I would completely wipe my machine just to try a new OS or two for fun.

However, once I actually got into the workforce, I found I valued a stable platform a whole lot more than exploring "new" OS features (which are really never that "new" anyways). It got a lot less fun to spend all weekend trying to get something to work right, only to be left with a semi-stable environment that I couldn't use for work on Monday morning... Installing, re-installing or upgrading OSes gets old pretty quick when you need a stable environment to work in.

Now I get annoyed if they drop support for my installed OS less than 3 years after I installed it.

Now get off my lawn and quit waving those Windows 10 and Mint 17 install disks at me!

Somebody ought to cross ball point pens with coat hangers so that the pens will multiply instead of disappear.