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Comment Depends on your age & experience (Score 1) 319

When I was younger, it was fun and novel to update my OS everytime something "new" came out, so I would. I spent a lot of my weekends and weeknights doing this. Hell, sometimes I would completely wipe my machine just to try a new OS or two for fun.

However, once I actually got into the workforce, I found I valued a stable platform a whole lot more than exploring "new" OS features (which are really never that "new" anyways). It got a lot less fun to spend all weekend trying to get something to work right, only to be left with a semi-stable environment that I couldn't use for work on Monday morning... Installing, re-installing or upgrading OSes gets old pretty quick when you need a stable environment to work in.

Now I get annoyed if they drop support for my installed OS less than 3 years after I installed it.

Now get off my lawn and quit waving those Windows 10 and Mint 17 install disks at me!

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