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+ - OS-virtualization:Virtualizing without the hypervi->

Submitted by coolsw
coolsw writes: Virtualization doesn't require a hypervisor. Imagine a virtualization infrastructure completely devoid of a hypervisor. Such type of virtualization is suiatble for true sandboxing! Using iCore virtual machine as a sandbox for safer browsing and installing new software provides an additional layer of security for your computer!
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+ - PeaZip 2.6 released->

Submitted by SF:giorgiotani
SF:giorgiotani writes: 2.6 release is targeted to a major UI update: toolbar buttons now have dropdown menu extending button\'s functionalities (one for all, from \"extract to\" button\'s dropdown is now possible to select extraction path), and \"Options\" toolbar button now toggles between browser and additional tabs - options, clipboard (input/output in layout composer), filters, console. Navigation bar was made simpler with the introduction of a navigation menu which shows filesystem, user\'s bookmarks and recent files; a single point to show hierarchical, user-centered and usage pattern-centered views of system\'s resources. In the bottom area of the application, status bar now hosts quick access buttons for most used functions (enter password, create keyfile...), and buttons to show bookmarks and history area. 85 file extensions are now supported, and icon themes and all language files were updated. PeaZip for Linux now comes precompiled both for GTK2 and for Qt widgetset. PeaZip\'s DEB packages are now available for \"i386\" and \"all\" architectures. Please note that you can freely replace backend executables in PeaZip/res directory with 64 bit counterpart, if available; on Linux 64 bit systems you will need ia32-libs as long as you need to run a 32 bit executable.
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Operating Systems

+ - Linux Mint Asks Israelis to Stop Using Distro-> 1

Submitted by samcan
samcan writes: As noted by a LinuxHaxor post about the original post: (which has since been moved and edited)

[L]ead maintainer of ... Linux Mint, made a blog post on the official Linux Mint blog (the post was moved since and the original message heavily edited) asking people from Israel and sympathizers of their cause to not only stop giving donation to Linux Mint but also to stop using Linux Mint altogether.

LinuxHaxor notes that there were over 300 comments to the original post, which I cannot find now.
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+ - Horror film looking for online funding->

Submitted by
Ward Crockett
Ward Crockett writes: "One part Evil Dead, one part Pitch Black, and one part Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the feature-length horror film Night Things promises to frighten and fascinate, gross you out and make you whiz your khakis. Check out the trailer!

Last Night of April Productions is raising finishing funds to complete its feature-length horror film, Night Things. The editing and visual effects are complete, the music is there, and most of the sound effects are in place. The film needs just a little more help getting to the finish line. They have established a Fundable collection at Their goal is to raise $3000 by 11:59 P.M. on May 26th. The money raised will go toward completing the sound editing and mixing at Particle Audio in Chicago.

What do you get for contributing? For $10-$20, you get your name in the credits. For greater contributions, you get copies of the film, more prestigious credits, and you can even be named an Associate Producer.

Check out the trailer: "

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+ - Natural Gas 'Cleaning' Makes Valuable Waste Carbon->

Submitted by
Al writes: "There's been a lot of focus on "clean coal" lately, but a Canadian start-up called Atlantic Hydrogen is developing a way to make natural gas more environmentally friendly. The process involves using a plasma reactor to separate hydrogen and methane in the gas. The procedure also turns carbon emissions into high-purity carbon black, a substance that is used to make inks, plastics and reinforced rubber products. Utility companies could potentially sell the carbon black, making the process more financially attractive."
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+ - MS Xbox Exec Flies Coop to Apple

Submitted by
nandemoari writes: "One of Microsoft's senior executives has fled his post as director of the company's European Xbox operations. Richard Teversham is headed for Apple's business on that continent, ending a decade-and-a-half of service at Microsoft. It's not yet confirmed what Teversham will be doing with Apple across the pond, but given the iPhone and iPod Touch's continuing involvement in gaming — and the promise these games have to eventually challenge the likes of Sony's PSP and even Nintendo's DS — it's a fairly safe bet that he'll play a significant role in improving interactive entertainment on the company's handheld devices."

+ - Fart Detector and other microcontroller projects->

Submitted by
Bruce Land
Bruce Land writes: "Students in ECE 4760 at Cornell University were given the responsibility of choosing, designing and building a project using Atmel Mega644 microcontrollers. Over 30 projects this year include a 3D mouse, Haptic appointment manager, fart detector, tissue impedance biopsy system and several interesting musical instruments .

During the last 5 weeks of the semester in ECE 4760, Microcontroller Design, students have to combine sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, and mathematical techniques to build something. All projects show a great deal of originality and work. There are over 300 projects on the page.

The class description and Atmel Mega644 tutorials are at:"

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+ - Study confirms narcolepsy is an autoimmune disorde->

Submitted by mmmscience
mmmscience writes: Narcolepsy has been suspected of being an autoimmune disease since the 1990s. Previous studies showed 90% of those suffering from narcolepsy have a variation in a certain type of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) gene which is responsible for helping the body to distinguish between "self" and foreign invaders. But the new study, published in Nature Genetics, confirms the autoimmune aspect by identifying a type of T cell variation associated with narcolepsy. This discovery may help find the underlying problems in other autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis or type 1 diabetes.
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Input Devices

+ - Death of the Mouse->

Submitted by stinkymountain
stinkymountain writes: Network World is predicting the demise of pointing and clicking: ``The venerable mouse, created by Internet pioneer Doug Engelbart, has been unchallenged since the dawn of modern computing. But rapidly maturing touch and speech technologies are threatening to dethrone the mouse as the dominant computer input device. Looking ahead five years, as the idea of a computer changes from a box under your desk to a device on your car dashboard, or on the bathroom mirror, or in your pocket, the mouse will become less important — maybe even a distant memory.''
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+ - UK's intelligence agency denies internet spy plans-> 1

Submitted by
siloko writes: "From the article on the BBC: 'The UK's electronic intelligence agency has taken the unusual step of issuing a statement to deny it will track all UK internet and online phone use. Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has no ambitions, expectations or plans for a database or databases to store centrally all communications data in Britain.' Adding that the GCHQ 'does not spy at will', which is nice to know!"
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+ - Live Long & Prosper: This Ain't Star Trek XXX

Submitted by JWSmythe
JWSmythe writes: Drafting on the heels of the summer release of Star Trek, Hustler plans to release a trekky themed porn titled, This Ain't Star Trek XXX. With the success of the parody, Who's Nailin' Paylin, it seems adult companies are finally tapping into the idea of using pop culture and plot to sell porn. This is nothing new (See The Office and Scrubs), but as the adult industry is forced to compete with free internet porn, I suspect we'll see a rise in adult films with bigger budgets, plots, and high production value.

I have to say I'm kind of excited to see pornography become a bit more professional. These parodies give regular people an excuse to buy porn without feeling creepy. Sure there will be plenty of trekkies with hard drives loaded with free smut, but this parody will be the only one they proudly display on their shelves and watch with friends. If you're the type of person who can't understand watching an X-rated film around company, rent the Blockbuster version of Pirates or Caligula and pop it in at a party. Not only do parody porns have the same aphrodisiac effects as alcohol, they also provide for the same amount of laughs.

Evan Stone, possibly the only humorous actor I've ever seen do porn (again see Pirates), cut his porny-tail to play the captain. The cast also includes Tony DeSergio with shaved eyebrows as "Spock," Jada Fire as "Uhura", Jenna Haze, Codi Carmichael, Sasha Grey, Aurora Snow, Anthony Rosano as "Scotty," Cheyne Collins, and Nick Manning as "Khan."

Warning: Needless to say, NSFW.

Read More and more and see the promo video

I knew when Kirk screamed "Kahn!" there must have been more to it.

+ - Office 2007SP2 ODF interoperability measured: zero->

Submitted by
David Gerard
David Gerard writes: "Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 claims support for ODF 1.1. With hard work and careful thinking, they have successfully achieved technical compliance but zero interoperability! MSO 2007sp2 won't read ODF 1.1 from any other existing application, and its ODF is only readable by the CleverAge plugin. The post goes into detail as to how it manages this so thoroughly."
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+ - OpenSuSE re-spins distro to include KDE4->

Submitted by ruphus13
ruphus13 writes: As the KDE team continues to roll out updates, enhancements and new features for the KDE 4 desktop environment, Linux distros that use KDE need to decide whether they want to issue an update to their release, or whether they want the users to decide. Well, openSUSE decided to respin 11.1 to include KDE4. From the article, "The openSUSE community recently took charge of this particular situation [KDE's new release] in the form of the openSUSE 11.1 KDE4 Reloaded respin. The installable liveCD, masterminded by Stephan 'Beineri' Binner, incorporates the openSUSE 11.1 image (complete with updates issued since its release) and the KDE 4.2.2 desktop."
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Data Storage

+ - Recovering data from a broken external hard disk

Submitted by mutu310
mutu310 writes: Last November, I won a nice 1TB external hard disk in a lottery and I had filled up half of it with data, when Windows gave me a horrifying "delayed write failed" error. Indeed, a few reboots later and tesing on xubuntu gave the same results: the hard drive takes a long while to be detected and makes a grinding sound every 5 seconds or so. Xubuntu can't mount it, and XP tells me (after it freezes up my machine for a few mins) that the disk is not formatted.

Should I throw the box off the roof, or do I have any options for data recovery and/or hardware repair?

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