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Comment: Re:No shit (Score 1) 120

by JewGold (#48951355) Attached to: Wi-Fi Issues Continue For OS X Users Despite Updates

>Ah yes the voodoo fix that never fixes anything.

Funny how this is prescribed for every ill the mac faces. Usually it's the act of rebooting that "fixes" whatever the problem is. I don't think the command-PR bit does anything, wouldn't be surprised if the action was just mapped to repeatStartupSound() in the bios.

Comment: Re:1% tax on everyone (Score 1) 597

by JewGold (#46254245) Attached to: Financing College With a Tax On All Graduates

Couldn't we do this with a 1% tax on the whole population?

Sure and in ten years it'll be a 10% tax on everyone. When income tax was invented, it was a 1% tax on the very wealthiest, now it's a 25-40% on the middle class. When sales tax was started in my state (1965! How on earth did the government manage to function before that??), it was 1%, today it's 8% in most places. Give the government an inch of taxation, they'll nickel and dime it up a mile.

Comment: Re:Point taken. (Score 1) 599

The OWS crowd simply wants to take the powers from the corporations and give them to the government. Sound great, but here's the problem: I can choose to not do business with Ford. I can choose not to buy a Ford. How do I choose not to do business with the government? Ford doesn't have the power to take my assets and throw me in prison if I choose to not buy their products, the government does. Period.

Government is out of control and is the greatest threat to personal liberty, property, and rights.

Comment: Why I switched (Score 1) 585

by JewGold (#37560244) Attached to: Chrome Set To Take No. 2 Spot From Firefox

I've been using Firefox exclusively for six years now, and just this month I switched to Chromium. Firefox has tried so hard to duplicate Chrome that it's no longer a distinct, nor innovative browser. At this point it's simply a poor knock-off of Chrome. A poor knock-off full of memory leaks and bugs. I decided I might as well just use the real thing.

There have been a few minor FF features I've missed in Chromium, most of which I can rectify with extensions. Chrome is a far, far better browser though. You don't realize how disruptive it is to have to restart Firefox every 8 hours or so to free its several gigs of wasted RAM until suddenly you don't have to do it anymore.

Comment: How about making it stable first (Score 3, Informative) 182

by JewGold (#35989790) Attached to: Kdenlive 0.8 Adds Advanced Features for NLV Editing
Before working to add new features, why not first make it so you can use it for 5 minutes without it segfaulting? How about making it so your savefiles aren't constantly becoming corrupt? Kdenlive shows great promise, but it's the least stable piece of software I've ever used.

Comment: Re:Will the bad formatting here EVER get fixed?? (Score 1) 78

by JewGold (#35805944) Attached to: How Attackers Will Use Epsilon Data Against You
The worst part is I can no longer middle-click links in some posts in Firefox. Instead of opening the link in a new tab like it should, something in the broken javascript makes it open the parent, and move me around in the page so I first have to scroll around to find the post I was reading, right click the link, copy the URL, open a new tab and paste in. Major hassle. Same thing happens if I highlight a phrase to search.

Time Warner Shutting Off Austin Accounts For Heavy Usage 591

Posted by Soulskill
from the somebody-threw-them-a-shovel dept.
mariushm writes "After deciding to shelve metered broadband plans, it looks like Time Warner is cutting off, with no warning, the accounts of customers whom they deem to have used too much bandwidth. 'Austin Stop The Cap reader Ryan Howard reports that his Road Runner service was cut off yesterday without warning. According to Ryan, it took four calls to technical support, two visits to the cable store to try two new cable modems (all to no avail), before someone at Time Warner finally told him to call the company's "Security and Abuse" center. "I called the number and had to leave a voice mail, and about an hour later a Time Warner technician called me back and lectured me for using 44 gigabytes in one week," Howard wrote. Howard was then "educated" about his usage. "According to her, that is more than most people use in a year," Howard said.'"

Comment: First and now this (Score 2, Funny) 427

by JewGold (#27696309) Attached to: Yahoo Pulls the Plug On GeoCities

Where will we go for our fix of lousy, horribly formatted websites from 1997?

I feel bad for this sucker:


Link Here: http ://

Real easy to do a simple webpage. With more time I think this could be better than aol.

Comment: Ada Jones (Score 2, Interesting) 429

by JewGold (#27499315) Attached to: Apple Shifts iTunes Pricing; $0.69 Tracks MIA
Did anybody check out the Ada Jones link? One of the song titles is "If the man in the moon were a coon". Wikipedia reveals what may just be the silliest sentence I've ever read: "His first hit was "If the Man In the Moon Were a Coon" in 1906 The song combined two then-popular song themes, Moon songs and Coon songs."

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