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Comment: Re:How is it cheaper? (Score 1) 46 46

Imagine if you received a notification saying it was at the post office and then you replied to it, and it arrived shortly afterwards....

Imagine all that happened, and then I wasn't there to receive it. Because: life.

And it still doesn't address everything from bad weather to drone malfuntion...

Comment: Re:How is it cheaper? (Score 1) 46 46

Not necessarily. On the upside, the drones only weigh a few kilograms, compared to a tonne or two for a truck,

For dispatching a single rush package sure, it could be faster. But what does it do when it arrives? drop it on my front step where anyone can get it, or does it ring my bell, and politely hover at my door? Will it ensure i sign for it (typically rush packages are traceable)...

What if I'm in an office building? Does it drop it on the busy front steps, or does buzz in and drop it off at reception?... What if im a tenant in a skyrise the 30th floor?...does it take the elevator to the 35th floor?

Just doesn't make a lot of sense.

And for traditional daily bulk delivery; you are delivering along a street / superboxes etc... and the 1 ton truck probably carries half a ton of mail on its route, if not more.. how many drones will that take?

What is the drone range relative to a truck? What does the drone do on rainy days or windy days? How does it cope with snow? sleet? hail?

What happens when it malfunctions and has to land? (or crash)? Is my high priority rush delivery now sitting in someone's back yard or on their roof or in their swimming pool? Or up a tree? (that's what happens when you fly as the crow flies right? It may not be be next to a major road.) While a human postman is dispatched to find it..?

I may be missing something, but i just don't see where this makes sense in general. Maybe extremely cherry picked niches... but that's it.

Comment: Re:I hope it's better than the last preview (Score 1) 176 176

Then get the latest 10162 release and try that instead. It's a "preview" remember? It's *specifically* not finished..

3 weeks before its released you'd think they would have the most visible and important parts of the user interface working properly.

Some localization issues with some control panel... some multimonitor flaw when the taskbar is on the left side instead of the bottom and the two screens are different resolutions...

But no, builds 10076 and 10130 literally had issues where clicking the start menu wouldn't even reliably open it; and you couldn't even turn bing searching the web off in the start menu / taskbar search. There was no way to just have windows search only the local computer.

I haven't tried 10162 yet. It wasn't available when I last fooled around with my Windows 10 test machine last weekend. (No way I'm using it as a main computer.)

3-4 weeks before release, And this stuff wasn't working properly yet.

It's a "preview" remember? It's *specifically* not finished..

But it is a preview of where Windows 10 is at right now. And its hard to imagine them getting from here to ready to release in the amount of time they have left.

Comment: Re:Living Wage is mandated for, and desired by idi (Score 1) 82 82

Actually it turns out is a pretty great idea, it's called Uber (and Lyft).

I was commenting specifically on having it operated by teenagers. Do try to keep up.

Driver inexperience + pressure of a random stranger + parts of town they don't know == bad idea.

It has nothing to do with knowing the location of the destination address or the best route there. It has everything to do with not knowing the roads. Not being an expert at merging, not being expert at parallel parking, not being expert at sizing up complex, unfamiliar intersections.

Saying, "no problem they have a GPS" is like saying we should let teenagers fly passenger jets because they have autopilots.

And given the way most taxi drivers drive I frankly would in fact rather be driven by a teenager.

Nice rhetoric. Studies show cab drivers are less crash prone than regular drivers per hour behind the wheel. Teenagers (new drivers) are significantly more crash prone than the average.

As for the "random stranger" thing that part simply shows your unending ignorance into how Uber and Lyft actually work. It's not strangers that meet, it's two vetted individuals.

Two 'vetted individuals' that have never met before are still strangers.

Comment: Re:Living Wage is mandated for, and desired by idi (Score 1) 82 82

There are a LOT of people like this (including, perhaps you've heard of them, TEENAGERS).

Yeah! Lets put drivers half way through their graduated licensing programs on the streets, driving parts of town they don't know, with random strangers as passengers. Great idea.

I wonder what commercial passenger insurance costs for a teenager who hasn't even got their full license yet. Probably more than they'll ever make driving for uber.

Comment: Re:Holy Mountain (Score 1) 233 233

If a movie violates canon,

If the subject of the movie has 'canon' to violate, then the subject of the movie has a problem, not the movie.

I do not mean to offend, but 'canon' and the people who take it seriously... they are the ones with the problem. A story is told for its audience, not for the sake of the story. Tailoring the tale to the medium and the audience is as old as the oral tradition of telling stories.

When I sit around telling campfire stories, tailoring the details and events to localize them, modernize them, and make them more accessible and more engaging... your the guy looking them up in the big book of canon shrilly bleating that such and such didn't happen just-so; and so-and-so went here first and then there.... and the whole thing was in New York not Seattle... trust me the problem is NOT with the story i told.

Comment: Re:Blaming their tools (Score 1) 94 94

That would be because the PS3 and PS4 use sony's proprietary graphics API that looks nothing like OpenGL.

Check the thread context.

I never said PS3/PS4 use OGL. I was countering the argument that "it must because be the developers only know directX and are now blaming their tools".

The point stands that the problem is in fact specific to OSX and OpenGL and is NOT the fault of the developers only being competent with DirectX.

Comment: Re:Exactly what I was thinking (Score 1) 94 94

Yet it appears to run ok on the Playstation 3 and 4. So... maybe its something to do with OSX specifically rather than them hiring coders who don't know OpenGL.

I figure the statement from the engineering team got run through too many marketing and legal drones and the message that ultimately got released to the public is just word salad.

Comment: Re:Palemoon (Score 1) 166 166

I looked at palemoon hard. Its pretty much just one guy is it not. I think its great what he's doing; but I'd prefer to see Firefox fixed properly rather than rely on Moonchild to maintain a browser for me -- something that is going to get increasingly harder as Mozilla diverges further and further from his fork.

Comment: Re:No (Score 3, Interesting) 483 483

. So I run an open guest wifi which is on a different subnet and has its internet rate limited.

Even my guest network is password protected. Its for my guests not for everybody. If I wanted it for everybody, there wouldn't be a password on it, and people wouldn't need a windows feature to shared with their contacts.

Many of my neighbors also have guest networks... none of them are wide open.

This feature is probably the worst/dumbest thing I've seen in Windows 10 so far. Actually no... the inability to disable bing searching the web when you use the search in the start menu is the dumbest hting I've seen in windows 10... if that shit isn't fixed by release nobody should upgrade. NOBODY.

(And the sad thing is I actually over all like windows 10... but its just stuffed with bloat I don't want. At least most of it I can shut off... live tiles, cortana, using microsoft accounts, etc... but its becoming more and more work to set the settings up right.

I'm looking forward to a windows 10 de-crapifier powertool shortly after release... hell I'm tempted to write one.

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