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by smitty_one_each (#48199077) Attached to: It's Official: Joe Biden's Son is a GOP Candidate
Oh, come on: I totally qualified that remark with uncertainty. You really have to go right to impinging my integrity? Sad.
"(of course I realize you still don't believe I never vote for him)" I take everyone at face value with regard to who they say they vote for, or not.

You're actually carrying the persecution complex your heard about on FOX.

Who watches that noise? I take in HGTV and a little NBC News 4. For a total of 1-2 hours/week.

The light bulb has to want to change...

In two weeks, the fatal flaw of majority rule will once again show its monstrous face (with you and d_r, and various others here being perfect representatives)

Oh! The light bulb! Of course! If only we could just incentivize that godforsaken light bulb!
If only the light bulb could defeat that majority rule bugbear!
Does the light bulb have to break itself and stab the majority rule bugbear in some critically vulnerable area, so that the bugbear bleeds to death? Or is the bugbear just light sensitive, and the proper wavelength from the light bulb will make it whither?

tl;dr: We're all doing what we can. How about something substantive, and a little less mumbo-jumbo?

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by Jesus_666 (#48198175) Attached to: 'Microsoft Lumia' Will Replace the Nokia Brand
To be honest, Windows is no longer the big name in gaming platforms, Steam is. And Valve is pushing for game devs to move away from Windows-exclusive games so they can sell their Linux-based Steam Machines. While Linux support isn’t quite common yet it does pop up every now and then and OS X is actually seeing a fair number of high-profile releases.

Right now Windows might hold its dominance in the video game market but whether it’ll still be the obvious choice in a few years is not settled. (For instance, I have no idea what effect Microsoft’s rumored plans for a free baseline Windows with subscription addons would have - depending on how they'd play it it might make Windows more attractive to gamers or it might scare them off. We’ll see.)

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by smitty_one_each (#48193437) Attached to: It's Official: Joe Biden's Son is a GOP Candidate
The only tangible suggestion I've ever gotten out of fustakrakich is total randomization of elected officials. I seem to recall asking if he was willing to accept President Sarah Palin. The memory is distant, but I think he rejected "random" randomization, if it meant That Awful Woman would take office.
In fustakrakich's world, you and I offer the same absolutist arguments, and HE'S the straight man.
When you pick at his ideas a little further, he oscillates between pseudo-Zen statements about how you just need to open your eyes, and a kind of watered down solipsism. I guess if fustakrakich were a little more clever, he'd be a script.

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