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by laie_techie (#47721881) Attached to: Experimental Drug Stops Ebola-like Infection

Success in a test tube and/or monkeys doesn't mean much as far as hope for a drug viable for humans. After all, the trials for Tekmira's drug are on hold by the FDA due to safety concerns ( ).

I don't know how to ethically do human trials for this. With monkeys, they infect them with the virus, then give the vaccine and see if the animal develops symptoms. Would we knowingly and purposefully infect humans with Ebola? Or are there enough people out there who have been exposed within three days and are as of yet symptom free? The particular strain of Ebola they tested with has a mortality rate of 90% - too high to responsibly give someone.

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How do you feel about the Latter Day Saints?

Wait... that isn't a parody religion too?

The Latter Day Saints Movement was never meant as a parody religion. Joseph Smith Jr truly believed what he preached. He saw inconsistencies among the various Christian sects of the day and the King James Translation of the Bible. What Joseph taught was supposed to remedy that; it was never meant to be taken as a work of fiction, or used to parody the mainstream. Whether he taught eternal truth is a matter of faith. I believe, you probably don't. Let's live and let live.

As another poster pointed out, the Flying Spaghetti Monster was created as a strawman to religion. The idea of the FSM is so ridiculous that no one would take it seriously, but there's just as much scientific evidence for this fantasy as for the creation stories of religions. People invoke the name of the FSM to mock treating religion as science, and to laugh at all blind faith.

Another modern example of a created religion is the Jedi movement. Jedi groups have a philosophy based on a fictional movie. We can trace down the origins. The creator is still alive and doesn't claim it was meant to become a religion.

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Hell, they do that already, at least for their business accounts. I wanted static IPs so I bought a business account for my home. Every month or two I get a letter in the mail from Comcast offering "a free account review!" How kind of them to offer to upsell me for no extra charge, lol.

I have residential cable and business internet (yeah, for static IP). Every month or two, Comcast residential calls me up to get me to sign up for internet, and Comcast Business calls me to sell me cable TV. Both want me to sign up for phone service, too.

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I'm actually surprised people still have CDs. My first gen ipod touch is smaller than a CD box and fits much more, plus I can easily change the contents when I bring it back home for a recharge/sync. For the record, still lasts about 10 days of playback in the car (omg battery not replaceable!).

While it's getting better, MP3s you legally buy have relatively low bitrates. With a CD, I can rip based on my requirements and limitations. For example, I can determine if space or quality is more important, given the storage size and qualities of my speakers. I still buy CDs to have a physical back-up in case of HD failure, and to be able to rip to a newer technology in the future.

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If an application doesn't need to listen for connections, it shouldn't open a port. A firewall won't make any difference here. If an application does need to listen for connections the firewall will need to let them through. Again, the firewall doesn't help - at least not at the level of sophistication you'd see in a home router's firewall.

Except I want my legal music collection to be accessible to computers within my home (DLNA server), but if external computers have access (without use of a VPN), I may be guilty of illegal sharing. Ditto for other things which should be available on a LAN, but not be public facing.

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Frankly there's no excuse for any modern software to be vulnerable even if connected directly to the internet with no firewall. This isn't 2003 any more, and in any case it's commonplace for computers to be connected to all sorts of untrusted networks such as public wifi. So anything that assumes "a firewall will take care of it" is utterly irresponsible.

I think you misspoke. It's irresponsible to think an external firewall will take care of it, so every computer / virtual machine should have its own. However, it's asking for trouble to allow untrusted traffic to arrive to any software. Just being accessible opens it up for a DDoS attack.

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How about these? calm half salmon talk balk would should

"We should cut the salmon in half and talk calmy" is pronounced by most English speakers without a single audible L in it.

I grew up in Hawaii and Utah:
calm: pronounce the l
half: haff
salmon: sammon
balk: pronounce the l
would: wood
should: shood

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Until the country is filled with a larger proportion of people with consciences and sanity installed in their hearts and minds than it is filled with self-serving individuals who, for some mysterious reason, *want* and *enjoy* the thought of others suffering, then we will live in a miserable place which punishes people.

I obviously make more than minimum wage (I think that's true of most, if not all /.ers), but am still in the middle class. The proposals raise the minimum wage without addressing those earning more. My buying power goes down for every dollar per hour more that minimum wage increases, unless my salary also increases. I don't want or enjoy other people suffering, but I must first meet my own needs (and I do mean needs and not wants).

Maybe we should get contracts where are salaries are X times minimum wage (or cost of living) instead of a strict Y dollars.

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But the point of the article is that the argument that 'raising the minimum wage will kill jobs' has been disproved.

The article cites data which shows that locally raising taxes doesn't destroy local jobs. The people who argue that higher wages means a loss in employment (or higher cost of living) rely on it happening universally. The locals earning a higher wage can purchase goods produced in an area with a lower wage, thus costs to individuals and companies haven't increased. If all states raised the minimum, there wouldn't be any domestic low-wage alternatives; people and companies would have to pay more or import from other countries.

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The way to prevent their resources being used for things they disagree with is to lobby for political change, just like any other individual.

Hobby Lobby's owners find it religiously objectionable to provide health care to its female employees that includes birth control. However, they apparently have no religious objections to investing 401K money in companies that make birth control. Making money off birth control = religiously fine. Providing access to birth control = sinful and must be stopped!

Does Hobby Lobby choose which stocks are included in their 401k, or do they outsource to a financial institution?

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Go get all the abortions you want, but private businesses have the option to not pay for it.

Funny, that's been my stance my entire adult life. My sect is fine with contraceptives, but sees most abortions as sinful (obvious exceptions exist, such as terminating a pregnancy caused by rape). I share this view, but recognize that others may disagree. Just don't make me pay for it.

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