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Comment: Re:Is the expense of electrolysis the main inhibit (Score 1) 113

by laie_techie (#47893613) Attached to: Liquid Sponges Extract Hydrogen From Water

The question is: what is a reasonable distance? most EV have that question too.

I would say a "reasonable distance" would cover the daily needs of 90% of the general public. I accept that my needs are atypical, thus I will have to wait for an EV that meets my needs.

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I'm a farm boy from Michigan. I just like lime jello, and thought it would be funny in the coffee modification thread. Didn't know it was a Utah or Mormon thing. :^)

Utah is in the Jell-O Belt. Utah eats more Jell-O per capita than any other state. I don't know how that started. And it's easy to assume that any aspect of Utah culture might be part of Mormon culture.

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I was wondering about your name for a while. PCC? Been there a couple times.

My wife is from Kaneohe. She's AJA.

And, no, I'm not Mormon, but that was a good line. :^)

I'm a La`ie Boy; graduated from Kahuku High (go Red Raiders!). Relocated to the mainland for work. I assembled my first computer when I was nine, hence techie. Laie Techie was my very first handle, from way back in the 80s. Not too long ago someone on ./ asked if it was the German word for lay person. Small kine.

If you're not Mormon and not from Utah, why the love for lime Jell-O? I must admit I like lime Jell-O with bottled pears or crushed pineapple, but I can't stand lime Jell-O with shredded carrots (shredded carrots and mandarin oranges are great in orange Jell-O, though).

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Not a Mormon here, but also don't do either.

I used to drink coffee, but nowadays it does terrible, terrible things to my digestive tract. Good beer tastes like piss, and bad beer tastes like the result of me drinking coffee, so I don't mind missing out on either. (I actually don't drink because I come from a long line of professional alcoholics, and it completely ruins them.)

I'm (7th generation) Mormon. While I was in Primary (Sunday School for kids), my teacher took us to the temple visitors center to watch Johnny Lingo and gave us coffee candy. I loved the flavor and am still addicted to the aroma, but after I graduated from Primary I even gave up on coffee candy. I wish they had a good quality coffee scented candle (most are worse than chocolate scented ones). I cook with alcohol, but don't drink.

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You are obviously a Mormon.

Not all us Mormons like lime Jell-O, just the Utah variety. Mormons from other states generally make fun of the Utah Mormon culture, while few Mormons from other countries appreciate the difference. For what it's worth, slightly less than 50% of Utahns are Mormon, while more than 50% of Mormons live outside the US and Canada.

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TFS mentions high quality video. You're not streaming high quality video with 10 or even 20Mbps.

Netflix recommends 5Mbps for HD streaming, so you are wrong.

When I called Netflix for tech support, they recommended 5MBps for HD streaming. However, their FAQ do say 5Mbps for HD streaming. Also note that they call 720p "HD". As we get more devices connected to the network and higher resolutions become standard, we will need more bandwidth.

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I was the quiet one in elementary and high school. I was known to be a brainiac, but was never caught doing anything wrong. I won't admit to anything specific here because most of it remains unsolved and I'm unsure of statute of limitation. Some of the biggest things I did involved chemistry. I created various small explosive devices trying to find the best formula for fire ball size, combustion speed, and noise level (one of my babies was heard five miles away). I was well versed in safety so no one ever got hurt. Computer wise, I wrote a program to help a teacher recover his password to the grading system. I was the one in th eclass who had the smarts to change grades, but I got high marks without resorting to that.

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I made a device in my electronics class in high school that would periodically emit a very high pitch squeal for about five seconds. High frequencies are very difficult to locate so you could hide it almost anywhere in a room and it would drive people nuts.

Sounds like the annoy-a-thon from ThinkGeek.

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"if traffic is going fast, you probably should go fast, too"

NO NO NO. For fuck sake. NO.

You do not have the privilege to speed just because everyone else thinks they do as well.

I'm assuming you're from the US? If that's a widespread mentality then no wonder you road toll is so high. Oh yeah, it is, good luck not being killed on the road dick head.

I am from the US, as it happens, but the same applies to all countries. Most traffic accidents occur when one vehicle goes substantially faster or slower than the general flow of traffic. You should try to safely match the traffic's velocity. Yes, you do need to adjust driving distances based on velocity and road conditions. No, if a single car is going 20mph over the speed limit it doesn't mean you should, too; However, if 90-95% of vehicles are going 10mph over the speed limit (very common here as cops rarely give speeding tickets if the infraction is 10mph or less), then you should try to match.

Comment: Re:Official Vehicles (Score 1, Insightful) 261

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Besides, who cares how your speeding is detected? If you're speeding you're speeding. There's no "it's ok as long as I don't get caught"-clause.

I agree with you 98%. The system must detect if it's on public roads or private property, and also the flow of traffic (if traffic is going fast, you probably should go fast, too). I agree that our laws need to be obeyed even if there's little chance of getting caught.

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Success in a test tube and/or monkeys doesn't mean much as far as hope for a drug viable for humans. After all, the trials for Tekmira's drug are on hold by the FDA due to safety concerns ( ).

I don't know how to ethically do human trials for this. With monkeys, they infect them with the virus, then give the vaccine and see if the animal develops symptoms. Would we knowingly and purposefully infect humans with Ebola? Or are there enough people out there who have been exposed within three days and are as of yet symptom free? The particular strain of Ebola they tested with has a mortality rate of 90% - too high to responsibly give someone.

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How do you feel about the Latter Day Saints?

Wait... that isn't a parody religion too?

The Latter Day Saints Movement was never meant as a parody religion. Joseph Smith Jr truly believed what he preached. He saw inconsistencies among the various Christian sects of the day and the King James Translation of the Bible. What Joseph taught was supposed to remedy that; it was never meant to be taken as a work of fiction, or used to parody the mainstream. Whether he taught eternal truth is a matter of faith. I believe, you probably don't. Let's live and let live.

As another poster pointed out, the Flying Spaghetti Monster was created as a strawman to religion. The idea of the FSM is so ridiculous that no one would take it seriously, but there's just as much scientific evidence for this fantasy as for the creation stories of religions. People invoke the name of the FSM to mock treating religion as science, and to laugh at all blind faith.

Another modern example of a created religion is the Jedi movement. Jedi groups have a philosophy based on a fictional movie. We can trace down the origins. The creator is still alive and doesn't claim it was meant to become a religion.

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