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Comment: Re:Dumping (Score 0) 19

by gstoddart (#49380077) Attached to: Microsoft Considered Giving Away Original Xbox

You know, when a multi-billion dollar company who spends more on R&D than pretty much everyone else hasn't the slightest idea of what they want to build a product for, and no clear picture for it ... that's pathetic

If one of the largest corporations is stumbling around like drunken monkeys and finding success through sheer accident, the the CEO is a grossly overpaid idiot who could be replaces with a bunch of drunken monkeys.

And yet I'm sure Ballmer or whoever it was got paid massive amounts of money to have no better track record than a drunken monkey.

Sorry, I'm not asking for prescience, I'm asking for some measure of competence.

This aint it.

Comment: Re:Dumping (Score 2) 19

by gstoddart (#49379855) Attached to: Microsoft Considered Giving Away Original Xbox

And, as usual, without having the slightest idea of what to do with the technology other than try to get market share.

So I'm forced to conclude most of the successes Microsoft has had in the last decade or more have largely been accidental instead of strategic, and that Microsoft just stumbles around in the dark until something works.

And then they spend years trying to understand why it worked in the first place and how to replicate it.

It's official, Microsoft is the Inspector Clouseau of the tech world.

That's pretty sad.

Comment: Re:Ummm ... (Score 1) 13

by gstoddart (#49379803) Attached to: Cetaceans Able To Focus Sound For Echolocation

Well, having seen the videos of dolphins herding fish into a swirling snack-bar using their sonar, and have seen the explanation of them changing their sonar output.

They have a huge chunk of their brain dedicated to doing this stuff, and I thought they could even stun fish with it.

I'm not saying I could do it, but I got the impression this is stuff we've already know they can do.

Comment: Ummm ... (Score 1) 13

by gstoddart (#49379403) Attached to: Cetaceans Able To Focus Sound For Echolocation

Hasn't this been known for some time?

I've seen footage of hunting dolphins and whales herding fish into "sonar corrals" and then eating them, and I though I'd heard that the dolphins et al can focus their sonar to fight off things like sharks.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought it had been established for a very long time that these things have really fine control over their sonar and can do all sorts of stuff with them.

Is this actually something new? Or am I just reading this wrong?

Surely if I know dolphins et al can focus their sonar it's common knowledge.

Comment: Re:Fuck so-called religious "freedom" (Score 1) 997

Wow, what a convenient, sweeping generalization you just made there. Unfortunately, there are extremists in every group, however, the extremists in the Republican party have taken over and are an ever growing faction of ignorant rubes.

While I do admit there are people far to the left that take things too far, none of them have the power to really threaten the rights of the everyone

Well, the "extremists" here won in these school districts, and they even won the case at the SCOTUS level (since the court refused to hear the case). It's now a judicial precedent. So how is this "extreme" when it's the law of the land, and upheld by multiple courts?

Comment: Re:Fuck so-called religious "freedom" (Score 1) 997

It is about being hostile to other students.

So it's "hostile" to express a possibly unpopular opinion? What about the students celebrating Cinco de Mayo? How are their actions not hostile to someone who doesn't like that holiday? It's all a matter of perspective. Anything you do is going to offend someone, somewhere. What about if the school has a dance or prom with dancing? That's going to highly offend someone (some Christian sects think dancing is "from the devil"). Should we ban dancing in schools because some wackos are offended by it? They're going to claim that having this dance is "being hostile" to them, and they're right: it is. Having that dance is openly insulting their religious beliefs. The only way you can avoid offending these people is to kowtow to their beliefs. I sure as hell don't want to do that, to limit myself to please some moralistic assholes, do you?

What if the students have a music appreciation class and get to bring in their own music, and a student brings in some kind of innocuous pop music (I dunno, maybe some Michael Jackson, obviously not new)? Some religious nuts complain that this is "being hostile" to their religious beliefs that music shouldn't have drumbeats (I'm pretty sure there's some wacky Christians out there who believe this). Or that even having the class is "being hostile" to their beliefs because it isn't solely religious music, or that they even have music because their religion says music is evil. Now you're not providing an "inclusive learning experience" because you're offending a bunch of religious people. Obviously, limiting peoples' expression because of some minority is not serving the majority who think music and dancing are OK and worthwhile parts of school.

So why should these students wearing flags limit their expression?

Comment: Geoblocking (Score 1) 30

by fyngyrz (#49379307) Attached to: EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking

"Geoblocking" is just a tech-specific euphemism for "muzzling content we don't want you to see."

As such, it is entirely disrespectful, specifically in that it attempts to deny people the ability to make their own choices. It is a direct manifestation of "we know better than you what you should be able to see, read, listen to, and use."

This is about personal agency. Part of that WRT to network access is -- should be -- the choice to implement boundaries of your own using the appropriate tools. Of which there are many, ranging from user-friendly whitelists and blacklists to keeping your hosts file updated (highly recommended, btw... great for killing advertisers, too.) And of course, there's always "I'll just click away from here", an actual sane adult choice.

The one upside is that in some cases, this kind of top-down systemic oppression will just make people learn about secure proxies faster.

Comment: Cents as integer (Score 1) 101

Most [non-CLR] languages have very little support for decimal data types, which is essential when making applications that deal with money.

Of course there's a money data type in Java. It's called multiplying all your dollar/euro/pound amounts by 100 and using int (or long for big B2B transactions over 10 million dollars or so) to count cents.

Lack of unicode support is rampant.

The native string type in Python 3 and Java is a UTF-16 Unicode. And PHP ships with libraries perfectly capable of UTF-8 Unicode.

Comment: It's stupid (Score 0) 101

Development with a proprietary language is ultimately harmful to your own interests, whether you make proprietary software for a profit or Free software.

The one thing every business needs is control. When you make it possible for another company to block your business, you lose control. Your options become limited. Solving business problems potentially becomes very costly, involving a complete rewrite.

The one thing that should be abundantly clear to everyone by now is that making your business dependent on Microsoft anything is ultimately a losing proposition. They have a long history of deprecating their own products after customers have built products upon them.

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