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Comment: Re:So you agree with this bill. Cool. (Score 2) 522

by Jawnn (#47766085) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio
Well, no. I most certainly do not agree with the bill. It is clearly an attempt to hide "the how" behind science facts, placing them on par with (for example) Bible "facts" and then mandating that no one may question either authority (science or the Bible). Fuck that. Scientific "facts" are different because of the method used to bring them to light. Any attempt to remove that method from the comparison is madness.

Comment: Re: Yeah, as music artists know, not so fun is it? (Score 1) 274

by Jawnn (#47748087) Attached to: Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google
The entire recording industry's business model was built on artificial scarcity. Until viable digital technologies came along, it was complicated and expensive to mass-produce and distribute recorded music. That model is dying, slowly, but dying just the same. There will not be the mountains of money that the record companies (and to some extent, their artists) enjoyed for many decades. Oh, they're fighting tooth-and-nail to hang onto it, but keeping that model propped up through litigation will ultimately fail. As you say, if the music is that fantastic, people will pay to own it, just not as much as almost everyone things they should.

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by Jawnn (#47747785) Attached to: Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google
You need to study your history, son. Using a dominant position, as in "I have enough cash to crush you 10 times over in a price war..." to drive out competition is the very essence of anti-competitive behavior. The U.S. chip makers screamed bloody murder when foreign chip makers were "dumping" memory here. The railroads engaged in similar things in the early twentieth century. The energy industry is doing it today. Back to school with you.

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by Jawnn (#47713947) Attached to: Comcast Training Materials Leaked

This is totally normal for ISPs. up-selling, attempts to retain customers at any cost. At comcast it was pressed on our call center tech support guys fairly hard but moreso on customer service reps in the billing/accounts department. at AT&T there was literally a whole department called "the save team" who got financial incentives to retain customers. if you called to cancel, you would be put on the line with the save team. they could get credit for a save if they could transfer a customer back to technical support "oh, our tech guys can fix that problem for you and your service will be fine, plus i gave you a month credit" (or something to that affect). and then the tech staff would get this transferred call about how their printer didnt work. completely unrelated, and after being bounced around and on hold, then being told "uhhh. we cant help you with that", they got right pissed and demanded to cancel again. the save team rep, already got a notch on their saved belt but the customer still quit. it was a corrupt system right to the core :)

Horseshit! The way to keep me as a customer is to deliver good value for my money. Presumably, that means at least delivering what we agreed upon when I signed up. If I call because you're not delivering that, fucking fix it and then give me my month's credit. I will go away happy. But do not, under any circumstances, try hardball tactics to get me to give you still more money for things that I'm now certain you can't/won't deliver. You will only solidify my opinion that you are a bad bet and that I should buy my service from one of your competitors. Hey! Stop laughing. There might be one...

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by Jawnn (#47712653) Attached to: Heartbleed To Blame For Community Health Systems Breach

How does getting onto the VPN equate to accessing the secret stuff? Isn't there another layer of security?

That is a good point. OK, they gained a presence on a sensitive network. How is it that they were able to bang around and breach critical systems on that network with no one noticing? No IDS/IPS that would have detected something like that? Or were the systems so poorly secured that breaching them didn't make enough noise for an IDS to notice?

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Yeah? But, but... All those EU countries and their policies are socialist. How could it be possible that socialist policies lead to anything that is better, faster, and more readily available? The free market ensures that where there's a demand, those things are always available to anyone who wants to buy them. Right. RIGHT?

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by Jawnn (#47649091) Attached to: Geneticists Decry Book On Race and Evolution
A pretty accurate summary, my friend, but I believe the real issue is more subtle still. It is fair (as in not-at-all-racist) to say that, as a group, this or that race will display this or that trait with greater frequency and/or degree than some other group. Where such statements are supported by the science, this is simply a statement of fact, objective and incontrovertible. It most definitely is racist to say that this or that individual is or has (insert trait here) because he is a member of this or that race.

It is absolutely racist to argue that this or that trait gives this or that group an "unfair" in advantage in this or that pursuit.

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by Jawnn (#47620843) Attached to: City of London Police Take Down Proxy Service Over Piracy Concerns

The police, who wants to fight piracy which is claimed to be happening by the corporations, go bust servers with neither warrants nor court orders. What exactly are making these claims legit enough to skip due process? Or is due process some sort of privilege that we shouldn't expect them in the first place?

Due process? Who do you think you are? Some citizen with some kind of rights? You are our customers, and you will take what we give you, and like it.

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