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Comment: Re:The Perfect Bait (Score 1) 1054

by Jawnn (#49614143) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

Organise a "draw Jesus sodomizing Mary" contest in Texas and you'll get crazy Christian jihadists doing the same thing. If you set up an event specifically designed to insult/offend/antagonise a particular religion, you're always going to get a response like this from someone.

Highly unlikely. While such a depiction would horrify a good many xtians, there is no explicit commandment to kill anyone making such a depiction. There is certainly no group of clergymen suggesting that anyone take such action. Not that there hasn't been such madness, on the part of xtians, in the past, but western society has largely recovered from that level of insanity.

Comment: Re:Done in movies... (Score 1) 225

by Jawnn (#49550813) Attached to: Allegation: Philly Cops Leaned Suspect Over Balcony To Obtain Password

I remember it being done in a few movies — by the good guys — without anybody in the audience cringing. Nor do I remember any calls to boycott a movie over such things.

So, if popular culture approves of and encourages it, can't blame the cops too much for doing it despite it being merely illegal...

So what a group of people watching a fictional movie "approves of and encourages" should somehow translate to and justify actions in the real world? WTF? Man, that is some seriously busted logic, pal.

Comment: Re:Fairly easy way to protect data. (Score 2) 77

by Jawnn (#49544561) Attached to: Good: Companies Care About Data Privacy Bad: No Idea How To Protect It

I can't imagine them making the leap to more loosely guarded information without a business case.

The business case is already there, unless you do business only in one of the few remaining states without a law that makes it truly painful to suffer a breach. But I get what you mean, even the reality of ruinous penalties, lawsuits, and bad PR is just theoretical to many decision makers. They won't part with a dime to mitigate security issues without at least a good scare or two.

Comment: Re:Doublethink (Score 1) 686

by Jawnn (#49538391) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden

I wonder how those elderly will feel as their Social Security and Medicare programs are stripped clean in order to pay for that police state they champion so much...

So the generation that votes wants to maintain Social Security and Medicare, even if it plunges future citizens into debt

[citation needed]

Comment: Re:Doublethink (Score 1) 686

by Jawnn (#49538373) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden

I strongly disagree.. "online communities" are *not* proper new sources and are full of bias and half stories.

As usual, sweeping generalizations fail. The truth is out there on the net, accessible to all, but if you think you will always find it by querying one source or one "community" you are being stupid. That, or you just select for people saying the things you want to hear, which is the same thing, really.

Comment: Re:So Microsoft is still papering over failures. (Score 1) 190

by Jawnn (#49529517) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Device Guard For Windows 10

This does almost nothing. Just more window dressing.

Most applications DO come from "trusted vendords" (such as Microsoft itself). Yet the virus attacks continue, and the security failures continue.

You don't understand. This isn't an "antivirus" solution. It works in completely different manner, one designed specifically to be effective even in the presence of porous and buggy operating systems like Windows. That approach is already being used, effectively.

Comment: Re:FTFY (Score 1) 190

by Jawnn (#49529423) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Device Guard For Windows 10


Windows (like iOS and OSX) is no longer just an operating system, it's a platform. The new paradigm is to download from the app store ecosystem where it's vetted. Even Android has this process. The days of downloading programs from dubious vendors and websites zipping up files via shareware/freeware is over.

You're kidding, right? The "vetted" Android apps are (in general) collection shit, a sizeable portion of which is unsafe or downright toxic.

Comment: Re:Socialism! (Score 1) 482

by Jawnn (#49502477) Attached to: Seattle CEO Cuts $1 Million Salary To $70K, Raises Employee Salaries

But it's fine for the 0.01% to rewrite the laws to allow themselves to seize an ever-greater portion of the national profits?

So basically, what you're saying is "The rich and powerful are corrupting the government. The only solution is more government!"

No, but nice try to sneak in that tired meme yet again.
Pay attention now. What we are saying is that the solution is a government that is more responsive to it's citizens and less of a grinning lackey for big business and the 1%. If you were at all familiar with the history of of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, you'd understand what a disastrous path we are on right now.

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