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Comment: Re:Is this the missing "dark matter"? (Score 2) 39

No, Dark matter does not interact with normal matter. We can "See" light and radiation pass unimpeded through areas that contain detected dark mater. It does not reflect, bounce off of or interact in any other way... except it's gravitational pull. That's why it's called "Dark" Moving light/radiation will bend around it, but not bounce off of it.

Comment: Re:come on Google Fiber (Score 4, Insightful) 230

Everywhere huh? Google Fiber serves less than 10,000 people (last I checked) out of over 300 million in this country. Google shows up in a town, then asks people to sign up, and only installs where the capacity is concentrated. This ensures the highest amount of profit possible. I keep coming into these threads and trying to explain this but Slashdot seems to be completely oblivious to how ISPs work. Yes, to the tiny part of the country google is offering service they are doing great. But they are never coming to your house... not unless you live in a major metropolitan area. The problem with internet access in this country is not located where Google is offering service. When some rural town gets Google fiber, let me know... then they'll be on to something. But this? They're offering service in areas that are already flooded with ISP options, this is not progress.

Comment: Re:Actually I think this ability is extraordinary (Score 1) 3

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#47760017) Attached to: one of my mental problems

There's an easy answer for that, once you've had 16+ years in the industry, and I stumbled onto it by accident, and thanks to this one weird tip I have gotten a raise every few months.

That weird tip: keep your Dice, Monster, and Linked In profiles active and up to date.

I'm not currently looking for a change, but last week I had 48 hours in which I had 12 recruiter calls. And I've been able to wrangle a 2%-4% raise out of every job change for the past three years.

Comment: Re:Which angle are you attacking from this time? (Score 1) 50

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#47759969) Attached to: I must credit the president for being consistent

"The vast majority of your deities, including today's most popular ones were conjured up by winos and opium addicts."

Yes, they were. You can tell them from the real thing by not being universal and lacking the ability to say, choose the gravitational constant for the entire universe.

Comment: Re:If we let the free market sort it out... (Score 1) 439

Actually, quite the contrary. I'm arguing that you get what you paid for and who you paid is not entitled to not give you that or give you less depending on if a third party doesn't pony up in addition.

Consumer reports or whatever doesn't need to be involved at all. I purchase a 12 meg unlimited connection and the ISP simply is not delivering on the goods they sold if they purposely limit it because netflix doesn't purchase a fast lane.

Comment: dead (Score 1) 233

by Charliemopps (#47757211) Attached to: New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

Unless it's free... and has some sort of start button... Windows is dead.

People aren't even buying PC's anymore. I build all the PC's for my friends and family. I used to do 20+ a year. This year I've done 1. People have their phones, windows got all wonky and hard to use with Win8, and it's insanely expensive. They can get a chrome book for $200+ Why would anyone that's not hardcore into Games buy a windows PC?

Make the OS free and go back to the ease of use of WnXP/Win7 and people might deal with it. Oh, and they need it to work well on low resource devices. The bloat needs to go.

Comment: Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 187

by Charliemopps (#47756985) Attached to: $75K Prosthetic Arm Is Bricked When Paired iPod Is Stolen

Except the terribly bad design we typically see in embedded design is normally to provide a back-door way to prevent just this kind of problem. "Oh, you lost your password? No problem, hold down these three buttons and cycle power and it'll reset everything to factory defaults, and then you can login with this default password."

You mean someone could steel my private prosthetic arm data?!?!?! Eegads!!!

Comment: Re:What's so American (Score 2) 439

So you rent a car from my compsny and use it to drive to the store once a week and to work every day. So why shouldn't the company you work for have to pay me in addition to your rental?

That is what you just said more or less. The ISP alreadty collects fees for netflix to be on thier network from the end user who subscribe to thrir service. It wouldn't be all that offensive if the service advertised and sold couldn't support netflix and the payment was to enable it, but it clearly can support viewing netflix services but gets restricted based on a third party payment in addition to yours.

Comment: Re:What's so American (Score 1) 439

It wouldn't really matter who got into the fast lane as long as the advertised speeds of the user is honored. Or in other words, if google pays to go fast, your isp cannot limit your 12meg connection to 5meg just to mske it happen. Any fast lane needs to come from excess capscity.

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