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Comment: Re:Hasn't been involved with Greenpeace since 1985 (Score 1) 573

by JDAustin (#49311869) Attached to: Greenpeace Co-Founder Declares Himself a Climate Change Skeptic

Let's see, you take a DEMOCRAT Vice Pres from 30 years before the formation of the republican party and 100+ years before the modern conservative movement came into play and use him as a example of conservatives.

You're not interested in the facts, just making sure the ends justify your means.

Comment: Re:so (Score 0) 136

by JDAustin (#49292465) Attached to: The Pirate Party Now the Biggest Party In Iceland

Really? Look at what the modern liberals/Democrats are into:
-Hope and Change
-the federal govenment controlling healthcare, student loans, school lunches, the EPA's actions, etc;
-Bank bailouts and subsidizes to big dem donars, blocking Keystone as a favor to Warren Buffet (who's rail shipping would be impacted).

Seems like the left have a headstart over the right on Fascism.

(Also, Facism existed in the US under Woodrew Wilson before it was it too hold in the research yourself).

Comment: Carbon Monoxide? (Score 0) 1081

by JDAustin (#49258351) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

We always hear how Carbon Monoxide is called the silent killer because its colorless, odorless, etc. It also painless as people who die from it just pass out and don't wake up. So whats the issue with this?

Of course, if we go back to public executions, (which if we have the death penalty, we shouldnt hide it), hanging or firing squad is best.

Comment: Re:Who are you? (Score 1) 103

by JDAustin (#49001995) Attached to: Bipartisan Bill Would Mandate Warrant To Search Emails

1) Liberals call out and vilify their extremists. The Conservatives ELECT them. This is a major difference. There is no liberal equivalent in national politics of Palin, Cruz, Bachmann, or Christine O'donnell.

So first off you saying Ted Cruz is more extreme then Liz Warren? Why is Ted Cruz extreme? Because he want's to control the size of the federal government using the tools made available by the constitution (congress is not intended to rubber stamp the presidents spending wishes). And comparing Cruz to a Senator who says that a business owner did not build their business, it was government that did it.

Michelle Bachmann - no longer in congress. Why? Because she would have been primaried due to being wacko.
Sarah Palin - Hasn't won an election since 2006; hasn't run for office since 2008.
Christine O'Donnell - (you're stretching by using her). Hasn't been on a ballot since 2010; and the main reason why she won the primary is because Mike Castle was a Liberal Republican.

The thing is, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader in the House is more extreme then any of the Republicans you mentioned.

It's just only conservatives can be extreme, not liberals. Proof: The Tea Partiers vs the Occupiers. The Occupy movement is a lot more extreme then the Tea Party movement, yet is not called out as such.

2) The Democrat party accepts moderates and centrists, while the Republicans kick them out.

Who are these moderates and centrists you speak about and where are they? They are no longer in the House as they were wiped out by the Republicans in 2010 and 2014. Why? Because the party has tilted so far to the left that the populance elected more moderate republicans instead. Also, if you don't accept the Dem party line on abortion and gay marriage, then you are no longer accepted in the party.

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