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Comment: Piketty is wrong. (Score 0) 838

by JDAustin (#48159833) Attached to: Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

I'm not only saying this...a survey of top economists are saying this.

– “Theoretically and empirically the case that r-g is a major determinant of inequality or even top inequality is weak.”

– “Many other factors affect inequality including technological change, globalization, increasing returns to education, and others.”

– “Don’t find r-g a particularly useful summary of anything (doesn’t really capture role of technology, training, tax policy)”

– “A glance at the biographies of the truly rich shows most came from upper middle class families. Good luck and some skill produced the wealth.”

– “Argument has poor theory & negligible empirics.”

– “Is this an inside joke? BEA estimates show little change in rate of return.”

Comment: Re:Ebola threat (Score 0) 478

by JDAustin (#48113909) Attached to: The CDC Is Carefully Controlling How Scared You Are About Ebola

What happens when it spreads to central america? The have poverty and customs there that would aid in the spread of ebola also. And with the current administrations immigration policies, there will be a deluge of immigrants coming here from central america to get away from it and they will bring it with them.

Comment: Re:Brown is a right winger (Score 1) 115

by JDAustin (#48028645) Attached to: California Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants For Drone Surveillance

College Costs - this has more to do with the easy federal loan money that hook young people into debt for decades. As money gets easier to come by for colleges, they raise costs.
CA Single Payer - you mean the plan that would cost more then the states current annual budget to implement?
CA Budget - this has more to do with the coastal are of the state able to shit gold in even a crappy economy. Although, I will give him some credit here (he'd get even more if he would drop support for the useless highspeed rail, as the only on getting rich off that is our esteemed senator Feinstein)

Comment: Re:Crapfinity (Score 1) 224

by JDAustin (#47627441) Attached to: The Hidden Cost of Your New Xfinity Router

It all depends on where you live.

Even though I live in the East SF Bay (not inland either), OTA, DSL, and non-landline phone are not much of option for me. OTA I get 2 channels - QVC and HSN, so my choices are Comcast or DirectTV/Dish. Price wise, there both basically the same. I had DSL for years, but I would barely get 3megs. For a family of four w/ 2 teenagers, that just cant keep up. And as to using a cell phone instead of landline? Those hills that screww w/ OTA tv also screw with cell signal. I cannot get calls where I live, not matter the carrier (one reason I stick with sprint is the Airrave).

So I have a comcast bundle for 2 years. If they jack the prices, then i'll drop cable in a heartbeat for DirectTv again...

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