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Comment Re:What kind of dumbass company... (Score 1) 116

Port it? are you really that completely clueless?

You simply fucking compile it with the same compiler flags you used for the first version. Compiling android 5.1 for a 4.4.4 phone is absolutely trivial.

And how about just release the god-damn bootloader lock so if people want to do it themselves on out of warranty hardware, they can. HTC and Samsung HATE their customers by locking the bootloader down so hard it's insane. Latest samsung phones are deemed to never EVER be able to run a full cyanogenmod.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 2) 170

Both. When the batteries are full I pump excess back to the grid.

I still have another 10 years on my batteries (5 years old, batteries last 15 years typically in properly designed solar), so not a problem. The solar panels have another 25 years before replacement.

Comment Re:there is no conflict between science and religi (Score 1) 268

I was simply pointing out that there are things which science has so far been unable to explain.

- and you were implying that this somehow has a bearing on the veracity of your faith. That's OK with me - each individual has the responsibility for their own conscience and therefore the freedom to choose their own reasons. To me, the fact that science doesn't know everything is comforting - the joy of science lies in the discovery, not in the knowing.

I have studied the article about 'Our Lady of Akita'; but again, it does not offer anything for a scientist to work on. There is no coherent, logical hypothesis that leads to predictions which can be tested. Why would God or any other supernatural entity choose to make a statue produce tears? Why would he choose to cure one person om disease and not somebody else? It is not difficult to think of many, natural explanations - the church or monastry that own a weeping statue can make loads of money from the increased number of visitors, for example, and it is not difficult to make a statuse produce 'tears' by fitting thin tubes in the right place, and as the many revelations about child sex abuse by Catholic priests all over the world show, the Catholic church is not above such things.

You can try to attribute that I am somehow blinded by religion,...

Not necessarily - mabye you see something that I can't. But if you start to talk about science to a scientist, then you will be met with the arguments of a scientist.

Comment Re:Can steam, EA, ubisoft , etc black list you (Score 1) 72

Well, a "charge back" is not the same as a refund request.

A 'charge back' means calling your Credit Card company and telling them to refuse the payment, cutting out any dialogue with the store you bought goods from. This is entirely different to going to that store and requesting a refund and you can't conflate the two things.

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