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Comment: Pry my organ pipes from my cold, dead hands (Score 0) 126

by TrogL (#45514895) Attached to: Single-Atom Layer of Tin May Be a New Wonder Conductor
Organ pipes are made from a mixture of lead, tin and zinc (at least those that aren't made from wood). They last for centuries vs electronics. Many congregations can no longer afford to maintain their old pipe organs, or they no longer use traditional music in their service and rip them out in order to make room for the band. In some cases an effort is made to find the organ a good home but often, tragically, the pipes are chopped up for scrap metal. If this drives up the price of tin, I could see it causing more destruction of existing pipe organs, and putting the price of new construction out of the reach of congregations.

Comment: Re:laws (Score 1) 1127

by TrogL (#40795953) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Preempting Sexual Harassment In the Workplace?
What, never heard of "talking to the janitor"? It's actually happened to me. I've been up in the middle of the night trying to fix something, the janitor wandered by and asked what I was doing there, and in the course of explaining it in dumbed-down form, had the lightbulb vision of what was wrong with it.

Comment: Re:It's called "Get A Grip!" (Score 1) 1127

by TrogL (#40792187) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Preempting Sexual Harassment In the Workplace?
If they said something about it and let people know how they felt, and then it continued, that would be grounds for a harrassment complaint.

No, in some workplaces it would be grounds for instant dismissal, outing in the surrounding community followed by death threats or actual violence.

I worked at a firm not long ago that had a manager that was sexist, homophobic and a raging alcoholic. When I checked with co-workers I determined that corporate policy was that it was cost-beneficial to keep him and lose me.

Comment: Re:Dance, monkey, dance! (Score 1) 203

by TrogL (#40134839) Attached to: The Gamification of Hiring
I have been behind the hiring table confronted with candidates with computing science degrees who could write a sorter to beat the band. I don't need them. My operating system has a "sort" command that works just fine. I need someone who actually understands business and systems and how to write code to make these work. These people didn't have a clue.

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