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Comment Re:Or (Score 1) 240

Generally by their IP address. IP addresses are tied to locations, so you can generate reports from the access logs to a website telling where the traffic is coming from. A website can also use that database to deny access from various locations.

Comment Re:This is what Benjamin Frankin warned us about.. (Score 1) 1160

I ignore them. The worst thing that you can do to a person that is trying to get a rise out of you is to ignore them.

Way back in college a friend suddenly shouted, "Stop smiling! I insulted you!" To this day, I have no idea what he said before that. I got his goat without even trying.

When someone is trying to insult you, you have to ask yourself this question: "Does this person's opinion really matter to me?" If you are secure in yourself, then most of the times the answer to that question is "No." The only time in the last twenty years when the answer was yes and I was hurt was from my now ex-wife.

Comment Re:Apple is going to reap what they have sown (Score 1) 283

The simplest change would be a "Use it or Lose it" restriction on any patent.

You must License it or Manufacture it within 2 to 4 years or you lose the patent all together, and it becomes public domain (yet remains in effect to prevent someone else patenting the same thing).

The problem with this is that they would just create another shell company and license the patent to that company.

Comment Re:oh the humanity (Score 1) 307

I spent time in China as a consulting Software Architect. People at where I worked were working a standard 40 hour work week.

The project I was on in Korea had people working a 12 hour day. When I say working, I mean that they were there for 12 hours, but I did not see 12 hours worth of work. You did not leave work before your boss did.

Every country has its working culture. A lot of the internal differences are based on education level. I know that there are workers in China that want to work the overtime to make more money and are annoyed by foreigners trying to push the foreign standards on them and are taking money away from them.

Comment Re:actually it just makes you sound like an idiot (Score 1) 438

I had a contracting company give me a noncompete contract that was overly broad that also stated "the company's customers." It also had typos. I had my lawyer go over it and we reworded it so that I would not do any business with any of their customers where I was working through them.

If you are given an nondisclosure or noncompete where you are given a take it or leave it, then leave it. Reasonable people are open to negotiating the terms of these documents. If they are not open to negotiating the terms, then I take that as an indication of problems to come.

Comment Re:no big deal ? (Score 1) 438

You do know that you can negotiate these things.

When an NDA is brought to the table, it will almost always favor the party that is bringing the NDA. It is up to you to propose changes to cover yourself or to refuse to sign if it the terms are not to your liking. That is the way of most contracts.

I always read the document completely. I always include verbiage that protects my interests.

Comment How about perpetual copyright, include retroactive (Score 1) 184

How about we change copyright to being perpetual, but require that all previous public domain goes back to copyright as well. All of the descendents of the authors those public domain stories that Disney used for its movies can sue Disney for royalties.

If you refuse to give back to the public domain, then the public domain should never be accessible to you.

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