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Submission London Mayor Boris Johnson Condemns Random Uber Pick-Ups->

An anonymous reader writes: The mayor of London Boris Johnson has written a column in the Daily Telegraph condemning the way that Uber drivers in the UK capital can effectively circumvent black cabs' legal monopoly on being hailed by random passengers. Whilst supporting the principle of free enterprise, Johnson has no solution to the legal quandary, except to hobble Uber's business model in an absurdly Luddite move, or else level the playing field and condemn the well-outfitted but expensive black cab trade to extinction. Johnson is reluctant to ask such a thing of Parliament, noting that many people there don't 'have apps'.
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Comment Re:The Message (Score 1) 80

Yes, but if you're talking about a species survival in an environment, then cleaning the damage out quick, e.g. via failure to reproduce, should benefit changes of survival. You need to distinguish between the ability of a species to survive in an environment and the ability of an individual. With a greater proportion of the damaged individuals being weeded out every year a higher rate of genetic damage per unit time should be sustainable by the species. This is, of course, going to be quite unpleasant for those eliminated, but so is being eaten by a predator...and the predators are going to be experiencing the same winnowing.

That said, it would seem that the maximum length of a genetic code with a given capability of repair would get shorter at any particular rate of reproduction....unless, like the rats in the experiment I referred to, there was an inherent tendency to avoid areas with radiation.

P.S.: While cockroaches have been observed eating the insulation on the inside of fission reactors (i.e., in the high radiation area, not the high temperature area) I don't believe that this was ever tested over several generations. But radiodurans (Deinococcus radiodurans), a bacteria, has been tested for several generations.

Comment Re: Ban ALL NUKES NOW (Score 1) 80

Umn... You are aware that the Fukushima earthquake was well off shore aren't you? That was why it was followed by the large tsunami. And there isn't a place on earth that isn't subject to earthquakes. Some place are more likely to experience damage from them, but no place is safe. One of the largest quakes in US history happened in Missouri, but quakes can happen even in the middle of plates. And some of those are worse than most that happen along the edges.

As for not near an ocean:
it's further from the ocean than Fukushima was, but not far enough that tsunamis are irrelevant. It's right on a river. Most nuclear plants are, because they need the water for cooling. And tsunamis roll right up rivers.

All that said, I'll agree that TMI is less likely to experience that particular external insult. But the world is full of unlikely accidents. It's good to avoid the ones you recognize, but that doesn't make them the one you needed to have defended against. Where to TMI style plants store their spent fuel rods? What do they do if the power supplies are interrupted? (Be aware that Fukushima thought they had that covered before the accident happened.)

Many nuclear plants in the US are being run at longer than their rated lifetime and for more than their rated power output. Yes, the original ratings were conservative, but there are good reasons those ratings were conservative. And many of the plants have repeatedly failed safety inspections. That nothing bad has happened so far is as much due to luck as to proper care...because proper care has often be sacrificed to corporate agendas. (Much like Fukushima and other plants run by Tokyo Electric [TepCo] in that respect.)

Comment Questions, questions (Score 1) 100

His posturing is his content. It's a zen thing. You have to meta your meta into the metaverse to get it. You should probably give up now, or someone will figure out how fast you're going at the same time they know where you are, and poof, you'll disintegrate into random quantum particles.

Comment A Conservative Response (Score 5, Insightful) 100

or silly accusations of "mean spiritedness" against conservatives as liberals struggle and ultimately fail to understand why somebody could possibly disagree with them without being an idiot or a psychopath.

Yep. Nothing mean-spirited about letting people starve, go without medical care, or having knowledge of sexuality, not to mention the actuality of birth control, withheld from them. Not a thing. Nothing mean-spirited about trying to force your religion on the entire body politic, either. Nope. Nothing mean spirited about wasting all your time in congress on a futile task while there is actual work to be done. Nothing mean spirited about trying to shut down the government, either. Nothing mean spirited about lying, then bombing the living shit out of a country that doesn't pose a threat to us (well, they had oil, so I guess it was a work of charity for your fellow conservatives, deeply invested in oil, yes?) Nothing mean spirited about denying people social security, medicare, food stamps, and so on -- that is purely a saintly act from beginning to end. Nothing mean spirited about handing "free speech" to corporations, while herding the dissenters into "free speech zones", amirite?

Psychopath? Psychopath??? Oh hell no. Conservatives are the living incarnation of angels, each and every one.

Thank the Lord of Hosts that we have conservatives to save us from ourselves.

Comment Re:The Message (Score 4, Interesting) 80

Well, there *is* evidence, but it's hardly conclusive. And how do you rate bacteria?

OTOH, IIRC there's evidence that rats preferentially avoid areas high in radiation, so perhaps the evidence that exists needs to have behavioral changes factored into it (unless you want to consider that a part of how they avoid damage).

Yes, the effects show up sooner. This means they are more quickly eliminated from the genepool, so theoretically it makes sense.

OTOH, when last I visited the topic the evidence was quite weak. So what I'm talking about is science that's probably 40 years old, and wasn't strong then. Is there anything more recent?

Comment Re: Ban ALL NUKES NOW (Score 2) 80

TMI suffered an endogenous problem, not an external insult. The two cases aren't comparable, but if I were comparing them I'd rate TMI as worse, because it caused problems with far less provocation. And I've no reason to believe that it would have caused less damage if inundated by an earthquake followed by a tsunami.

Comment A story, and, for some, an opportunity (Score 1) 57

Not a problem here. I've tried CrossOver on and off for a few years now; it's still shite.

Way back when, I was considering releasing my software under Wine on Linux, under the terms of "if you run this product under Wine, you owe us nothing." (I didn't copy protect, I used registration enabling, and would have been delighted to enable everyone under Linux.) So, I got and installed Wine, and tested it. It broke. Really badly. Several system calls that weren't covered, or broken, or whatever -- they flat out didn't work. So I contacted the authors. They said, and I am paraphrasing here but this is very close: "give us money and we'll fix our product."

So, that's why my product never ran under Linux/Wine.

Although, it may be that Wine works now. I'm not saying it does, or doesn't. I don't know. I don't even own/have a Windows OS any more. But if it does, I long ago made enough money from my product and now give it away, and you are certainly welcome try to get it going under Wine, etc. It's here: WinImages and it was last aimed at Windows XP. Docs are here. WinImages is neither Gimp nor Photoshop, but something else. In a very, very large number of cases, it can replace either/both of them, functionally speaking. In other cases, it does things they cannot. And it is extremely fast, offers a small executable, and the last version, which is what is up there, has very few problems that aren't actually caused by bugs in Windows. Feel free to have at it if you like. Under any OS, real or virtual, you can get it running under. Or not. :)

PS: Known to work under [OS X + VMWare Fusion + XP] and, of course, under XP itself.

Submission Humans Are More Toxic to Wildlife than Chernobyl->

derekmead writes: The Chernobyl disaster remains the worst nuclear accident in human history, with a death toll that is difficult to tally even decades later. Given the sobering reach of the resulting radiation contamination, you might expect the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone—the 4,200 square kilometers in the immediate vicinity of the explosion—to have suffered serious long-term ecological damage.

Surprisingly, though, a study published today in Current Biology shows that wildlife in the exclusion zone is actually more abundant than it was before the disaster. According to the authors, led by Portsmouth University professor of environmental science Jim Smith, the recovery is due to the removal of the single biggest pressure on wildlife—humans.

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Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 609

You can call out Linus but the whole Linux community will turn on you.

Oh. My. Goodness. There are stresses and consequences to being the exception and attempting to remediate an entrenched problem within an existing system that could affect the viability of the system. Who would have thunk it? How could it BE that everyone in the system doesn't immediately send money, flowers and carve your name on a granite wall Time to go home and hide under the bed, clearly. Get going. It'll be dark soon.

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