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Comment: Some Anon's should the Art of War. (Score 1) 649

by Icegryphon (#38755886) Attached to: Anonymous Takes Down DOJ, RIAA, MPA and Universal Music

Just a brief outline but, this is what I would start to work with (mostly intel):
1. Define Targets. (Names/Emails/Sites/Etc)
2. Define Targets Infrastructure.
3. Define Allies (Partnerships) (Names/Emails/Sites/Etc)
4. Define Allies Targets and Infrastructure.
5. Find Weak points in Logistics and Infrastructure.
6. Plan Attacks Types against Weak points.
7. Time Attacks to Occur at Same time.
I know I am forgetting some points and I am sure it can be added. DDoS will eventually go away.

Comment: Re:Frist Psot (Score 1) 949

by Icegryphon (#36369276) Attached to: Is There a New Geek Anti-Intellectualism?

Oh, and FYI: Global warming is a myth, hydrogen doesn't burn, Polywell or Focus Fusion is the future of fusion, the Big Bang didn't occur, and John Doe from Podunk, Illinois has just discovered something in his garage which overturns Dominant Paradigm X.

Reminds me of a John Doe who went head to head with Stephen Hawking

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