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Comment: Re:Interesting. I'd think the opposite (Score 1) 206

by jellomizer (#48667981) Attached to: The World Is Not Falling Apart

I haven't seen any president being the best person for the job.
Obama won, because he ran flawless campaigns. Greatly reduced the amount of dirt that can be dug up. Any dirt that was, was treated well and marginalized.

2008 - People were tired of Bush, so any democrat had a chance. McCain, was too old, so people needed to judge the VP candidate as well, and Palian was just the worst pick you could make. For a candidate who needed to push a moderate campaign.

2012 - Romney failed to make himself genuine. Being very conservative for the primary, then trying to seem moderate for the main election just didn't work.

Sure being black helped the democrat party solidify a base who often had low voter turnout to vote, as well a lot of people wanted to see things differently. But all in all it was about how good of a marketing campaign it was.

Comment: My Kids Nostalgia will be different from mine! (Score 1) 57

by jellomizer (#48667859) Attached to: The History of the NORAD/Microsoft and Google Santa Trackers

NORAD A military organization designed to blast communist out of the skies.
Google A for profit organisation that makes its money off of selling adds and offers a bunch of free services in return to having those adds in front of you.

So you are against capitalism however you are supporting the organization that is designed to track and kill people who are against capitalism (just as long as they are flying)

In general NORAD tracking of Santa is a gimmick to help bring up good will towards the organization. Because this started happening during the hottest part of the Cold War and the military was considered the keeper of all the newest and coolest technology. After the cold war companies tend to have the cooler technology. Transitioning to Google is a natural thing.

When your kids grow up and they will find that tracking Santa will be done with some other technology and organization they will feel like they are missing something because they will have nostalgia that doesn't match yours.

BTW Santa for generations is the symbol for consumerism. The reason why kids like him because he is the one that gives them toys. When I was a kid I didn't care about family time or any of the other true meanings of Christmas, I was all about ID and Ego (No Super Ego) and it was all about me getting cool stuff, and a little about seeing what other stuff people got.

Comment: Re:Of course there is a focus on the negative (Score 3, Insightful) 206

by jellomizer (#48666277) Attached to: The World Is Not Falling Apart

Not always. If the media makes it seem like things are getting worse overall. That would tell people the direction they are going in is wrong and will backtrack to the older ways when they were better.

You have sites like Fox News turning relatively moderate conservatives into extream conservatives. Due to the flood of negativity poison. Where before many issues were not a big deal or some supported it, now have became a polarizing issue.

Most of our judgment is based off of emotions, yes even the pro-science, well educated crowd. So misrepresented facts can cause a call to action where one isn't needed

Comment: Re:Lots of Interview but no job... yet (Score 2) 45

by jellomizer (#48658943) Attached to: Using Your Open-Source Contributions To Land a Full-Time Job

I have been part of the hiring team at a lot of companies. There are a lot of factors to choose a person or not.
1. Technicnical skills are important but not the main factor. There is a minimum bar that needs to be crossed. After that the points don't go much higher after that.

2. Industry experience. Tech companies are not just tech companies. Amazon is retail, Apple is hardware focused, PayPal is financial, Netflix is entertainment, and Comcast is infrastructural. The technology supports the core business. Every industry has its own set of buzzwords they may have industry standard protocols and a unique culture. I work in healthcare myself. And I see some tech people coming in from other sectors and they feel like they are just fresh out of school again.

3. Personality and motivation. Oddly enough if they just don't like you, you will probably not get the job. We all know the stereotypical dilbert Wally, who is the guy who finds ways to avoid work. No body really wants they type of guy so we try our best to make sure these people don't go in. Also on the flip side if we think you are too ambitious you will feel board at the position you are applying for and will leave shortly as the job may be too humdrum for you.

4. Professionalism. It isn't the 90s any more and most places are not going to hire any tech guy they can get their hands on. They will want someone who has a degree of professionalism with them. Not someone who they will be afraid to show in front of a customer.

Comment: Re:So what's next (Score 1) 291

by itsdapead (#48653685) Attached to: Amazon "Suppresses" Book With Too Many Hyphens

Amazon decided to pull a book because of punctuation.

No, as a dozen people have posted before you, they decided to pull a book because of a technical typesetting error (Unicode minus signs in place of hyphens) that would screw up page formatting (hyphens are significant to text-wrapping and auto-hyphenation algorithms) and text-to-speech (or should I say 'textminustominusspeech'?)

I guess next time it sentence structure, or maybe using certain words too many times.

That's exactly what a decent copy editor would look at (as well as knowing when to use an m-dash, a minus sign or a hyphen) and would be a valuable service to self-publishing authors. Bring it on.

And words in sentences lead to ideas,

...and words in sentences communicate ideas more effectively when they are properly spelled, punctuated and typeset. That doesn't affect the message.

Comment: Re:The bane of fan made series - the acting (Score 1) 106

by jellomizer (#48644053) Attached to: Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot

Nostalgia blinders are a big issue. TOS wasn't that good. These fan shows do tend to get most of it the same. But it has been close to half century sence TOS.
Of course the big issue that happens is the urge to bring in TNG universe into the mix. There seems to be this crazy attempt to tie cannon together.

Comment: Assess demand? (Score 1) 133

by itsdapead (#48640995) Attached to: Tesla About To Start Battery-Swap Pilot Program

and assess demand" for a swapping service.

Not sure how you can "assess demand" for something like this with a limited trial. The "demand" would be for a substantial network of swap stations that allowed people to treat EVs like gas cars and not have to plan long trips around meal breaks at superchargers. They might expand the market to customers who have currently rejected EVs because of the charging problem: if you already have a Tesla you probably looked into the charging situation and decided that it fits your motoring needs, so you're not going to be falling over yourself to pay for a battery swap instead.

Then, the battery replacement needs to be integrated with some sort of lease scheme whereby you don't actually own the battery which (some EVs use this approach anyway) which would make sense in many ways, but if you've already bought your car, complete with battery, are you going to want to swap it out?

The other issue is the long-term scalability of the "free supercharge" model - its fine with the current level of Tesla ownership, but if EVs go mainstream provision will have to ramp up dramatically (think: whole parking lots wired up for charging) or it will be common to turn up at a station and find all the bays occupied by fully-charged cars waiting for their owners to drift back from their leisurely lunches and shopping trips. A battery-swap system might be the only way to turn round enough customers. "Free charging" certainly isn't going to be long-term sustainable - but while its there, its going to be hard to persuade people to pay for battery-swaps.

Comment: Re:What does this mean...? (Score 2) 56

by jellomizer (#48633561) Attached to: Scientists Discover That Exercise Changes Your DNA

No it is a Nurture in the Nature vs Nurture debate is still very creditable.

A lot of people like to put a lot of effort into Nature, because it means stuff that you are good at is because you yourself are unique enough to have such attributes, and any fault isn't your fault it was because you got the short straw in the gene pool.

We don't like Nurture because it means we are responsible for ourselves and others. I am smart because I had good parents and teachers, and I choose to work hard at it. Not that I got the smart gene. Or I have a few extra pounds on me because I chose to eat that cupcake when I should have picked an Apple, or decided not to go to the gym. It is easier to say I have the Fat gene.

I personally think Nurture is a larger influence in nature. Sure some factors my natural colors, gender, height and perhaps chances to get some generic conditions. I may not control, but if I went out more my skin would be darker, or stayed in more it may be lighter. When growing up if I exercised a different amount or had a different diet I may an inch taller or shorter.

Comment: Re:News at 11.. (Score 1, Insightful) 718

by jellomizer (#48633397) Attached to: Skeptics Would Like Media To Stop Calling Science Deniers 'Skeptics'

Well people want their opinions to be stated in a positive light, while those with opposing opinions should be worded negatively.
Why do you think for Abortion they are Pro-Choice and Pro-Life while the other side calls them Anti-Life and Anti-Choice.
You are not going to convince someone who will not believe in man made global climate change to call themselfs climate deniers. In their mind they are right, and those who think otherwise are just mindless sheep following all the liberal dribble that comes out of the internets.

I am sure if the media starts calling them Climate Deniers, the media (**Cough**FOX NEWS**Cough**) who support the other side will then probably calling climate scientist. Liberal Communist Hippies.

Comment: Re:Established science CANNOT BE QUESTIONED! (Score 2) 718

by Xest (#48633327) Attached to: Skeptics Would Like Media To Stop Calling Science Deniers 'Skeptics'

You don't question the science by simply asking arbitrary nonsensical questions or pushing long debunked theories though. You have to actually do science and come up with some results that bring into question the pre-existing science.

If you believe your college taught you that you can defeat an established scientific theory by repeatedly asking arbitrary questions about it then you either weren't listening or your college was shit and you need a refund.

I know it's hard, I know it means that to question the science means you'd have to actually put some effort into investigating it to come up with a question that actually has some merit to it rather than sitting as a little armchair troll that simply detests the idea that humanity might not be perfect and may in fact cause some problems in the world after all, but tough shit, it is what it is.

Comment: Re:Why Apple? (Score 1) 201

by jellomizer (#48632333) Attached to: Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

Because it is a documentary.
Today's documentaries are based on the following logic.
1. I have a point of view on something.
2. Dig into the details and cherry pick the select items that enforce my view.
3. Use only the lamest rebuttals to make it seem like I am impartial.
3.a. I will find the busiest person to ask and post his non-comment as a proof he is up to something undesirable.
4. Mix it together and make profit from the others who had the same idea as me.

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