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Comment Re:Nail everyone? (Score 1) 618

What you have to realize is that you're already screwed the minute the boss gives you the ultimatum of breaking the law or getting fired.

If you refuse, you get fired.
If you comply, the company gets caught, you get blamed, your boss mysteriously escapes accountability, you get fired anyway, and now you're stuck with a rap sheet.

So you're screwed no matter what you do.

What you do is get fired, find a new job, and point out during your interview that you were canned because you refused an illegal order and had to protect your rap sheet.

The legal system is a bigger bitch than your boss could ever be anyway. Pick the lesser of two evils.

Comment Re:It's not about "Uber" (Score 2) 233

The problem with wholesalers bypassing retailers is that unless the wholesaler can get a direct market connection with the end consumers it is vulnerable to pressure from retailers that want to protect their own profit margins.

I've heard cases where wholesalers that try to bypass retailers get boycotted out of the retail market.

Comment Re:This is to be expected, and affects many printe (Score 1) 268

It's in the best interests of the manufacturer to squeeze the customer as hard as it can.

Normally competition would prevent that, but I think there's a gentleman's agreement of sorts not to blow everyone up by releasing something that would break the racket for everybody.

Comment They WON! (Score 4, Informative) 70

Just fyi for the public, the lawsuit against Google Books was dismissed.

Google successfully used fair use as a defense and all claims were denied.

Personal profits to Google aside, they also scored a major precedent that will pave the way for future orphan works revivals.

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