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Comment Re:4k video for the iphone??? Really? (Score 1) 508

Of course, because everyone knows that anyone who is remotely serious about taking photos always uses their phone to take them instead of a dedicated SLR. (facepalm) Give up dude. Your original comment was wrong (phone shoots 4K video, doesn't have 4K screen) and now you're making yourself look more stupid.

Comment Re:"an emotional buffer for consumers as well." (Score 1) 278

Some grow parsley, which is almost as water intensive as rice and is bundled up as hay and sent off to china to feed Chinese cows?

Alfalfa, not parsley. And the reason that happens is the farmer makes the most money sending alfalfa to China. (sarcasm) Don't you like capitalism? Are you a Commie? (/sarcasm)

The opossum is a very sophisticated animal. It doesn't even get up until 5 or 6 PM.