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Comment Scale and Flotsam (Score 4, Interesting) 175

There are two main problem with the movies:

They tried to surpass the epic scale of the LoTR movies, while the book was nothing of the sort. Splitting it into three only made it worse.

They added so much extra junk that was obviously filler. Tauriel should never have been created, and the love story with Legolos should never have been pasted in. While the stuff with Gandalf and the Necromancer was at least legitimate, it wasn't necessary to the story.

The Hobbit movies would have been much better as a 6 part HBO miniseries. If any film project would have benefitted from a smaller budget, it was this.

Comment I use themes because FF is ugly by default (Score 1) 267

But the last theme I liked, and could actually install because the author hadn't abandoned, was for FF 3.5. I absolutely can't stand the default FF theme (which Australis made worse) and personas are useless. The complete theme concept has been deliberately allowed to atrophy over the last several years. The lack of updated complete themes is one of the reasons why I'm still using FF33 (and every time I upgrade I lose at least one extension I rely on).

When they yank XUL out, FF will cease to be useful and distinctive to me. Chrome isn't an option because it's been FF's model for stripping the UI, and I hate the developer tools interface.

If there is a is a wrong-headed choice, Mozilla proves yet again that they will invariably pick that one.

Comment Re:I'd like to hear from content creators (Score 2) 478

Since Apple moved to Intel chips, the Mac/PC divide has become mostly about branding.

The important thing about graphics/video/audio that these are among the most complex workflows that exist, and become exponentially more cumbersome without a full keyboard and multi-button mouse. A touchscreen by itself is a regression in HID capability... that's why people don't find and paste the link into the conversation from their phone, they apologize for not being able to do so instead.

Comment Shame (Score 1) 143

It's a shame that ignorant designers and pseudo-developers have tricked so many hapless clients into running WordPress because it's easy. "Easy" here actually means that through a celestial confluence of bad architecture, poor development practice, and sly marketing, a third party market for themes sprang into being, with an horde of add-ons written by neophytes who aspire to writing code only as bad as the WP core, their sole source of PHP practices.

But that's not all. The majority of that monumental-seeming 25% wasn't set up by Joe Hipster for his easily enamored "e-commerce" clients. No, they're deployed via script by phishers and other scammers.

Comment Re:Toxicity, of course. (Score 1, Interesting) 213

This problem isn't toxicity in the OSS community, it's toxic expectations of the corporate world. They wrongly (for almost all projects) expect OSS software to have the same support mechanisms and turnaround times in place as the proprietary systems they're used to, and think they can strongarm one or a few individuals into solving problems they could likely easily fix themselves and release a patch to the authors. Their main misunderstanding is that unlike expensive proprietary software, OSS is not supposed to be a one way street.

Chances are most of this would go away if the OSS software in question had an explicit disclaimer of warranty and fitness for purpose.

Comment Smartphone thickness (Score 2) 129

Is not an attribute to penalize. Thicker phones are sturdier (less prone to bending, among other things), easier to grip (more surface area on the edges, where you grip it while talking, and feel more substantial. Phone cases offer protection for the device and mitigate all these shortcomings.

Looking back, Zoolander only got one dimension right when it comes to phone size. The joke now would be a phone that is the size of a sheet of paper (and the 13.9" screen has 6204ppi).

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