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Comment Always was dead, always will be (Score 1) 456

MS just doesn't know how to connect with consumers. They think consumers make purchase decisions like CTOs. When MS tries to be cool, it inevitably backfires. The Xbox division somehow manages to escape all the corporate and branding baggage, maybe someone in Redmond should them how?

Consumers don't actually like Windows, either; they just accept it... like death and taxes. If MS is going to get their mobile efforts off the ground (after what, 5 tries now?), they need to separate it from the Windows brand and make app development/porting ridiculously effortless with no platform-based barriers to entry.

Comment Re:The RPi's "secret weapon" (Score 2) 120

I've made 1024 LEDs flash with an rPi. To do that I had to buy a 32x32 LED matrix, power brick, and a proto hat; solder the necessary connections on the hat, then write a C++ application using a very nifty library I found. It showed the date and time, scrolled text, and displayed images.

So what's my level of expertise?

It seems your expectations for Ease of use are too high.

Comment Re:But why? (Score 3, Insightful) 146

Improving V8 would be more worthwhile to anyone who doesn't have a crippling case of not-invented-here syndrome.

And I don't get the IoT angle here... no hobbyists care about W10IoT, the Microsoft JS engine doesn't make the bait any better. Linux on RaspberryPi is a full fledged OS, not a glorified app bootloader.

Comment Re: Oh noes (Score 3, Insightful) 165

MS will continue to fail at mobile, but not because of their strategy. They've been failing at mobile since before the iPhone.

Their mobile failures are just examples of a broader cultural deficiency in Redmond: they don't know how to connect with consumers, and they're too stubborn and full of hubris to realize that. The XBox division succeeded mostly because it was left alone by the top brass (who likely didn't understand a damn thing about it). When MS learns to put aside their preconceptions about buying habits and that consumers don't shop the same way CTO's do, they might have a chance in any consumer market, including mobile.

Comment Re:Tablets will die off (Score 2) 239

Tablets are already dying off, the iPad sales plateau is proof of that.

Why tablets are dying is a more interesting question. Yes, larger phones are intruding on the form factor, but more importantly the general tablet hype has faded away and people have realized that a tablet is not a replacement for a laptop. Vendors love tablets because they're essentially a reset button for software ecosystems: where they couldn't have a walled garden before, now they can.

Touch is a regression in human interface design, and deep down every engineer knows it. To correct that, now we have tablets with keyboards and/or stylii. Jobs swore both of those things would never happen. But I think the reason why iOS gained cut+paste so late was because the only workable soluitons weren't as elegant as he wanted, and he was forced to relent and give the users a necessarily shitty workflow.

Tablets occupy a very narrow market segment that, outside of vertical solutions for business, was doomed from the beginning. Either they'll get replaced by phablets or they'll evolve into netbooks.

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