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Comment Convergence (Score 2) 187

At this point why doesn't Mozilla just throw in the towel and slap the Firefox logo on a Chromium build? It would save them a lot of time and effort. That's basically what their strategy has been for the past several years: make Firefox a clone of Chrome.

The extension APIs aren't the problem, it's the constant churn that makes it a chore to maintain extensions.

Comment Re:WordPress is a security problem (Score 0) 51

Yes, WP is a security problem, but the problem isn't the end users, or even the site owners. It's the general low quality of development skill that the WP ecosystem thrives on. The WP codebase is laughable crap, but makes it easy for entry-level, self-described developers to get something done, although without understanding the ramifications of the sloppy way they did it. They learn such sloppiness from the WP core itself, plugins, or the plethora of half-assed tutorials written by people who have only a fraction more clue about code and security than they do. WP culture is a feeding frenzy of ineptitude. The core was lousy when it was first released, and the dev team's adamant refusal to break backwards compatibility keeps a surprising portion of the internet at risk.

PHP4 is long gone, but WP core still has over 2000 instances of the global keyword. Only a language as poorly designed as PHP (but which has made tremendous improvements in recent years) could allow garbage like WP to thrive.

Comment Re:Commendable (Score 1) 152

Mozilla has been copying everything Chrome does for years.

I've come to rue every time I upgrade FF because every time I do, some extension I've used for years no longer works or I can no longer trick FF into letting it work. I'm writing this in FF33 right now; my laptop is still on FF29.

The last good complete theme died with FF 3.5. Almost everything on the addons site is abandoned, and only the few most popular addons keep up with the relentless release cycle.

Mozilla has been damaging itself and its entire product line since the day Mitchell Baker stepped down as CEO. Messed up priorities, time-driven releases, and thoughtless "me too" feature strategy are killing a once-great web innovator.

XUL had such potential, but now they're abandoning that too. Is anyone really surprised by this announcement?

Comment Re:Lipstick on a pig! (Score 1) 123

$35/unit retail is too expensive for embedded systems? Maybe some, but not for those where an old Windows is already deployed. There's a rPi B+ among the equipment in the box on my house that my ISP put there.

The true purpose of it is for embedded vendors to pay bulk for licenses for it, otherwise MS wouldn't bother at all (they really fear losing all the embedded markets to Linux). Win10IoT may be free to makers, but it serves them next to no purpose. The bone MS is throwing at makers has no marrow in it.

Comment Re:Lipstick on a pig! (Score 4, Insightful) 123

Win10IoT isn't for hobbyists, it's for embedded system vendors.

This is the play by MS to prevent all the ATMs, kiosks, and point of sale systems that still run XP/Vista/7 from getting replaced with Linux solutions. There's already one airline running rPi+Raspian on their airport gate screens. And if you've been wondering how the hell Redmond has any chance of hitting their "1 billion Win10 devices" goal, this is the lion's share of it. No way they sell that many PC/Surface/Xbone/WinPhone units and get that many people to upgrade from 7 and 8.x.

MS has never cared about hobbyist developers, and they never will. Everything they do is from a B2B perspective.

Comment Stop teaching slicing (Score 5, Insightful) 233

Slicing PSDs is crude, antiquated (even though most shops still do it), and reinforces the fallacy that web design begins in Photoshop.

Modernize your curriculum to teach progressive enhancement of wireframe layouts in the browser. At some point you teach about creating the individual image assets for what they are (backgrounds, icons, etc) rather than treating a PSD as a giant slab of source material. For this, you can use GIMP, Inkscape, or anything else Free.

You are perpetuating Adobe's dominance by furthering a bad workflow that benefits them. Your course isn't about Photoshop, that shouldn't be the keystone of it.

Slicing PSDs is the equivalent of beginning a construction project from a child's crayon drawing of the not-yet-existing building.

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