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Comment Existing companies partly doing this... (Score 1) 51

among other I retain the Dutch phone company Fairphone, which details its supply of conflict-free metals, selected a (chinese) factory explicitly allowing syndicates etc.

For they second model this year they additionally evolved towards a modular design where one can replace specifically a broken part (be it the screen, the camera, of course the battery...) with either bare hand or a standard screwdriver. Alas in parallel they moved from a pre-rooted android OS to a non-rooted one. So... I remain with their earlier model.

I know no other company doing this, apart the (also Dutch) Max Havelaar coffee suppliers and some minor green food supplies.


Comment Re:The French??? (Score 1) 46

I'm french, and have been part of the European engineering team that built the Huygens lander, part of the Nasa/Esa common mission Cassini-Huygens to Titan. Indeed we Prime contractor were french.
A part of our work was obviously to coordinate with Nasa/JPL, for which almost every quarter a significant part of our team crossed the ocean and got to Pasadena, discussing interfaces a week's long.
The thing which struck us European the most, was that during these delicate and costly missions, everyone at JPL stopped any work at 16:00, whatever the criticality at stake, and even though everyone knew there were precious little hours left to advance before the end of the week.
In the beginning, with the European Space agency engineers we tried to stay in the meeting rooms in order to at least prepare the next morning's meetings. We were promptly ousted out by guards. With dogs.
Let's say this is the real world, instead of the spitting contest I just see here. But, I don't want to bother you in your dreams here.
Don't hesitate to go on spitting.
Mod me down, too.

Comment Re:Upgrade hell, not (Score 1) 39

Well I for one handle various WP sites and upgrading is absolutely not a hell. I have less than a dozen plugins on each, and just update them before upgrading the core. Never found an issue, for a couple of years on.
BTW, I went here to check if some new issues would have appeared when switching to 4.4, and I see none.

Comment Re:Wanna have my money? (Score 1) 46

They have a tablet, crowdfunded, that you visibly ignored. I did pay for one, that I won't receive. I don't regret it; if anythinh I regret not having bought a couple of others, which may have helped keeping them afloat. Sailfish linux OS, on a nordic-designed device, for some €200.
Really too bad you missed it.

Comment Re:Shame (Score 1) 143

The majority of the monumental-etc. wasn't set for e-commerces nor phisers.
It was set by people like me for very simple associative sites, for people only having access to simple servers with only php/mysql, and with just no plugin, only the baseline setup, sometimes with, oh, the second one of the standard appearence templates instead of the first.
And there is a simple, nonagressive, neutral reason for that: nothing else was available within this minimal requirements.

Comment Re:The OS (Score 1) 107

1. On updates. I own a Fairphone from the previous generation. I can say that straight while they were feverishly finalizing the new model and OS, they did find the energy to publish an OS update for the last Android Stagefright issue in TWO days. Just tell me how long it was for your phone.
2. On the OS in general. Other than that, and although I find them not very pushy at this very moment on that point, Fairphone still officially announced they support Sailfish OS aside Android -so in addition to being fair if, like me, you don't want to belong to Apple/Google, you have a way, and with a modern phone.
I won't buy this new model because, well, I have the previous one which is still perfectly working, but I know where I'll buy the next one.

Comment Fingerprinting is THE issue (Score 1) 84

What I have been waiting for quite a long time is the extension, or the iCab of sorts, that'll slightly upgrade most of the borwser fingerprint (screensize changed by some pixels, 1% of my fontlist hidden) every 1/4h or so.
I truly believe this is not so difficult to prepare, and once it'll be done most of this fingerprinting issue will be over.
The only trouble for the moment is, I'm not a programmer myself :(

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 423

Frankly, and not to flame any side, my take is the trope is clear and true simply by analyzing the money flows.
Who is paying for what.
Who Google is paid by.
We indeed are the product sold by Google to its customers.
Now, obviously Google needs to catch us first, and for free, so, as their business is definitely very lucrative, they hire a number of good designers that build a very good interface that seduce us, good and efficient ways to register easily, etc.
In this sense they indeed are somehow innovators : they drove the competition to better products.
But this doesn't remove the fact Google customers are definitely not us.

Comment volume adjusted to speed? the 12V line is enough! (Score 1) 423

Abour 15 years ago I had a camper -an average European camper, based on a very robust Ford base, the only issue was the noise when driving.
I bought, at that time 15 years ago, a radio that simply detected the speed based on the variations in the 12V mains line, that visibly is modulated by the engine rate.
I thought there would be some settings to adjust, at least.
It worked out of the box. 15 years ago.
Without GPS, numeric car speed indication, or 'engine fluid temperature'.
That we need a numeric connection to the car to perform this is a lie. I know it. Not sure I convinced you, since I sold the camper since then and forgot the radioset name...
But I know it.

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