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Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 408

Frankly, and not to flame any side, my take is the trope is clear and true simply by analyzing the money flows.
Who is paying for what.
Who Google is paid by.
We indeed are the product sold by Google to its customers.
Now, obviously Google needs to catch us first, and for free, so, as their business is definitely very lucrative, they hire a number of good designers that build a very good interface that seduce us, good and efficient ways to register easily, etc.
In this sense they indeed are somehow innovators : they drove the competition to better products.
But this doesn't remove the fact Google customers are definitely not us.

Comment volume adjusted to speed? the 12V line is enough! (Score 1) 408

Abour 15 years ago I had a camper -an average European camper, based on a very robust Ford base, the only issue was the noise when driving.
I bought, at that time 15 years ago, a radio that simply detected the speed based on the variations in the 12V mains line, that visibly is modulated by the engine rate.
I thought there would be some settings to adjust, at least.
It worked out of the box. 15 years ago.
Without GPS, numeric car speed indication, or 'engine fluid temperature'.
That we need a numeric connection to the car to perform this is a lie. I know it. Not sure I convinced you, since I sold the camper since then and forgot the radioset name...
But I know it.

Comment not specially an iphone (Score 1) 203

Even without counting non-smart phones (you know, these funny things you put a simcard in and then use to place phone calls), you get for instance Jolla phones, based on Sailfish OS, Blackberry phones, even the (somehow fossil) Openmoko device...

The main issue I feel here is most people want things to be solved, but without losing any comfort, nor even changing OS.
In such a case you are doomed. But not me.

Those around calling for class action etc. are near ridiculous -the answer will simply list the devices above, to dismiss the case...

Comment Re:I hate it already! (Score 1) 118

I have been a mac user from day one up to when Apple evolved into a closed ecosystem (through their central store), which means some 25 years anyway.
I still *perfectly* remember the main horror when my company forced windows onto us was indeed the need to "carefully aim" the cursor at a window border, rather than ramming it onto the screen ege.
Because, mind you, contrary to your hand when rammed the cursor doesn't hurt itself. "Look at it this way".

Comment french Citroën cars did this 40 years ago... (Score 1) 192

or maybe 50 indeed.
I for one have seen, and have driven, Citroëns geared with small headlights that just were mechanically associated with the wheel (or, at least, so I expect), this resulting in the next bend fully lighted each time one would rotate the wheel
Full mechanical system without GPS nor camera -way more reliable, I'd say ;-)

Comment Re:State the Obvious (Score 2) 136

Yeah, like Microsoft or Apple!

Like any national, free, reasonable email provider (in my country, the post office does this).
Like *all* our hosting service providers do, too, at no delta-cost, and in a well controlled manner if you chose an associative hosting. Many come to mind in Europe, like the belgian All2all, the french Ouvaton
Sorry for the bluntness, that's not you but the mere idea of Torvalds registering at Google that shocked me...

Comment other providers (Score 2) 136

I for one am extremely shocked that the above post ('use other providers') be flagged as funny.
Torvalds is the last person I'd imagine registering an email address @ Google.
Wise as he may have been, sorry, but to me he's a moron now just because of this.
I just hope I won't evolve his way when getting older.

Comment rear-facing safer (Score 1) 394

No, really. I have been for years in the aircraft business, and it is perfectly clear that in case of crash, rear-facing is much much better.
None of the study considered the present swap patent though, and for a global swap generally the conclusion would be, 'rear-facing passengers won't appreciate during takeoff and landing, so let another company propose this first'.
That's probably what'll happen here too, in spite of the better compaction. But maybe they'll prepare a low-grade compact class at the back of the plane.
Which is, btw, the place of choice to survive a crash -another clear output of all real-size crash-tests done these last 10 years (yes there have been a couple of them)

Comment Re:OwnCloud / Seafile (Score 1) 212

While most of the nifty features are linked to the paying version Seafile seems quite cool, but I see basic users like me cannot install it as a php script on a shared server
I'm still using Owncloud, even not the last version, for daily syncs of a dozen machines from desktops to phones and tablets, and it has "just worked" for a couple of years now. Its only downpoint is, contrary to Dropbox no local-loop transfers are allowed (everything must transit through the server). This is related to the way Owncloud handles versioning; which is heavily discussed in their forums (https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues/230), but if this feature does not bother you I see no other drawbacks.

Comment Re:passive insubordination (Score 1) 162

Remember, in NK even the radio receptors are controlled. (what they call a 'radio' indeed is an amplified loudspeaker connected to a *wire* coming to your house and bringing the only one state channel allowed. And possessing a real radio set ==> jail)
So, this leads to a situation where you really control everything known to your popuation.
Nobody in NK can even suspect we are having this discussion at this moment. Their only information channel tells them Cancer just has been cured, by a NK recipe, in african testings.
That's all they have, and yes, probably no reason to believe there is something else, and absolutely no reason to find it fantastic alas. Since the 'radio' tells them...

Comment European spacecrafts don't have muclear power! (Score 2) 419

After gulping the ad, you see a bunch of fossil photos from Philae, then a very basic pledge for embarking a small radioisotopic thermal generator (i. e. nuclear power).
This is silly twice.

First, because Philae is an entierely European craft, and there are just no space nuclear generators in Europe. You can call it wrong, but even on the European Huygens probe the much simpler nuclear *heaters* were US-provided.
Second, because the only available US RTGs are very big and heavy, and mass on this very light craft would totally have prevented to reuse an existing design. You can advocate one could have developed a miniature thing outputting just some watts. You would have been *wildly* out of budget.

So, well. A basic pledge for nuclear power in space, yes, be it good or bad.
But taking Philae as an example is a very wrong way to do get it. Self-deserving even, maybe.

Comment Re:Wow brilliant move (Score 1) 113

I agree -tiny minority, and I am not among them.
Blackberry in the first place wasn't some phone with a keyboard. The reason I bought mines was to keep safe from Google and Apple intrusions.
At this moment I'm using a Fairphone, whose android OS is rooted by default: well even with this flexibility and the walls and preventions it allows, I daily see how Google remains intrusive there.
But my next tablet, ordered, is a Jolla, and probably if the next Fairphone doesn't allow Jolla OS I may well switch to Jolla phones too.
I'd just never buy a Blackberry related to Google, even remotely.

Comment Re:There is no such thing as non-empirical science (Score 1) 364

Er, I think no indeed: you have to consider both space and time, and the black hole inner mass does deform the surrounding space (indeed that's how we do measure black hole masses)
It remains true that matter or information cannot escape, although some consider that for info the powerfull emissions happening when matter is torn just before the horizon does send back information...

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