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Comment Not like the industrial revolution? (Score 1) 240

I'm in automation, so I do see stuff like this happening. However, the counter-point is invariably that people claimed the industrial revolution would do the same, and it did the opposite. People making this point about AI putting so many people out of work need to focus on showing how this revolution is so fundamentally different than the industrial revolution, or people won't buy the argument.

Comment Re:Uh huh... (Score 2) 212

In the 1920s, there were some who argued that aerial bombing would be more humane because they could be far more precise than field artillery, hitting only the target that you want to hit.

Wow, those people didn't understand the state of the art airforce technology of the time........during WW2 Germans would say, "If you want to be safe from bombers, find the thing they are trying to bomb and stand on it."

Submission + - Senate Passes Bill Making Internet Tax Ban Permanent (

kheldan writes: Nearly two decades ago, Congress passed the first Internet Tax Freedom Act, establishing that — with a handful of grandfathered exceptions — local, state, and federal governments couldn’t impose taxes on Internet access. Problem is, that law has had to be renewed over and over, each time with an expiration date. But today, the U.S. Senate finally passed a piece of legislation that would make the tax ban permanent.

Submission + - Even Einstein doubted his gravitational waves (

Flash Modin writes: In 1936, twenty years after Albert Einstein introduced the concept, the great physicist took another look at his math and came to a surprising conclusion. “Together with a young collaborator, I arrived at the interesting result that gravitational waves do not exist, though they had been assumed a certainty to the first approximation,” he wrote in a letter to friend Max Born. Interestingly, his research denouncing gravitational waves was rejected by Physical Review Letters, the journal that just published proof of their existence. The story shows that even when Einstein's wrong, it's because he was already right the first time.

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