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Comment: Re:For the cops that oppose (Score 3, Interesting) 517

by HeckRuler (#47768443) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

My dad is a retired cop, very honest guy (though maybe I'm a bit biased). Most of the guys on the force were genuine good guys, of course there was 1 or 2 jackass's that would do stupid shit.

Ask him if these jackasses ever did any stupid shit that he observed. Did he arrest them? Did he report them? Did he let it slide? Did he cover it up?

If he answers more towards the later, rather than the former, then he wasn't a "genuine good guy". Everyone I've ever talked to with ties to a police department swears that the majority are good apples, and yet the entire police force seems to look after their own when shit hits the fan.

Comment: One step further (Score 4, Insightful) 517

by HeckRuler (#47767339) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

It's a good idea, don't get me wrong. It's about time we used this ubiquitous cheap technology in an obviously beneficial way. It's a good move, and one I support.

But either after this comes about, or as part of the deal, the content of that camera needs to be stored offsite and specifically out of the reach of the police officer. Otherwise we're going to see a lot of data simply go missing at convenient times. To be frank, we can't trust police departments to hold onto evidence that could incriminate themselves.

And any evidence that an officer tampered with their camera in an effort to suppress incriminating evidence should be dealt with exactly as if they had destroyed evidence. Because that's what it is.

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Some people are better carpenters, better coders, better fencers, or better with words. Some people know how to get others to cheer up, or laugh, or get riled, or get angry.

But we're all equally human, and deserve all the respect that humans are afforded.

In what useful and practical sense of the word is everyone "equal?"

OH, you want "practical"? That's easy: Legal rights.
Equal protection under the law. Equal rights of movement, speech, organization, ownership, blah blah blah. Everyone has the same rights to vote (barring you don't get convicted with a felony). There is most definitely some minor imbalances, but on the whole, the USA is doing pretty good with this one. Personally, the imbalance that irks me the most right now is that James Clapper blatantly lied to congress and hasn't been prosecuted yet. It's a breakdown in the rule of law and shows that the heads of the intelligence community are not our equals. It's a problem.

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the shitbags who think they're degree


If I spent as much retraining US workers as I did hiring those skillsets I've filled with H1B's, I'd have fired at least half for not doing a fucking thing after failing to learn in whatever training they wasted money on.

If you spent more time retraining workers.... then you'd fire half of them?

"failing to learn in"?

because I've looked for 10 months for all three of them before giving in an attempting the bullshit to find someone willing to work with the appropriate skillset.

. . . I'm pretty sure that "an" is supposed to be "and". So.... you gave in... and then attempted.... to find someone with the skillset?
Maybe that "an" is superfluous. Maybe you spent 10 months before giving up and accepting you failed to find anyone with the skillset.

Have you considered training yourself in English?

One of the big flaws in corporate America is the idea that a couple day's "training" where they sit you in front of a salesman and some slides will actually impart anything of value. "Job Training" takes years of working with a mentor showing you the ropes the entire way with both of you doing meaningful work. It's not something you get a cert for after a week. At least, you know, for the sort of knowledge work that I'm tasked with. Certs and that sort of training are good for, say, introducing a new tool when nobody in the office has any experience with it.

But hey, let me guess, you need someone to be an expert with a laundry list of niche technologies and you're only going to pay $40K in shitsville, Iowa. Good luck with that.

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"What do you think of the immigrants coming and taking your jobs and lowering your salary. My honest response was, "Without the kind of talent the people I'm working with bring to this country, my company wouldn't exist."

Wait.... you understand that "most of the visas" are "trade school hacks", "clearly underskilled", with "false resumes". That most of this program is just to undercut the local employees. You are fully cognizant of this.... and when someone asked you what you thought about that... you ignored the question and how themajority of the system operates, and focused on how well the system worked for your company.


As a tangent, why aren't you working for the high-tech joint anymore? Did they replace you with an Indian PHD and force you to move down into the trenches of web-dev? What do you think of that?

Comment: Re:Growing pains. (Score 1) 232

The two party system is fine, until the parties have the ability to redraw their own districts without any rules as to how those districts should be shaped.

Uhhhhhhhh..... yeah, gerrymandering. That's in effect NOW, for most of the USA.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure Congress is up to the task right now, which is a massive problem since the problem will continue to get worse, which makes it even less likely to happen...

Well that doesn't matter as congress has fuck all to say about how the STATES vote for their representatives and how they draw their districts.

And fuck "limiting", have the districts be drawn by an algorithm. A hard-set rule that determines who the politicians represent. The problem is that the algorithm has to be made while a party is in power, and the algorithm will therefore be made to support said party. This sort of change to the power structure could really only happen during a revolution of some sort. Like if the tea-partiers had made it one of their agendas.

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by HeckRuler (#47728529) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

Well that's the march of progress. The cutting edge of technology eventually filters down into the hands of everybody.

But for this specific concern, the creations of blatantly false information, it's a cat and mouse game. There are technologies out there to identify fakes. Analyzing lighting, mostly, from my brief glances. But it means the thoughtless email "omglookatthisvideoTHANKSOBAMA" spam will dive off into the deep end of the crazy pool. As if they weren't already there. Ultimately, we had a brief window between the point where evidence could be created without the ability to falsify that evidence, and the point where everything had to be taken with a grain of salt. I imagine the future content will be trusted solely based on who presented it. The echo chambers will intensify and trustworthiness will have value.

Comment: Re:Reading between the lines. (Score 1) 232

The poor in Egypt were motherfucking skinny. At least they were in 2008. Maybe you were looking at the shopkeepers or taxi-drivers, or tour guides who spoke English.

Same for Peru. Also went through the Caribbeans, but never really saw the poor there.

Costa Rica is doing just fine. That was a pleasant experience. Nice enough I felt fine just driving around by myself. I'd feel fine accepting them in as another state if it weren't for my OCD demanding there be an even number of states.

Outright famine still happens, but is certainly the exception even in the latter.

I was going to give you shit about saying that first world nations experienced famine, but then I looked up the actual definition of first, second, and third-world nations. I thought it just meant established vs poor-as-shits-ville. Rather, it's a hold-over from the cold war. But sure, if you consider Oman first world, then that's totally legit.

Comment: Was going well until I hit this (Score 1) 548

At the same time, I usually failed to pick jobs for the best reason: What will help me progress in my career? Sometimes that means taking a job for less money but more responsibility or better opportunities.

No I don't think that this job is a "career opportunity leading to rapid advancement". I will not work for "exposure".

Fuck you, pay me!

6. Work more than 40 hours per week. ... If the only time you learn something is on your boss's dime, then prepare to have your options limited -- your boss isn't going to train you...

What kind of class-warfare propaganda bullshit is this? Hey, I get the sentiment, having a home/hobby project where you code in your spare time does indeed help turn you into a better programmer. But the way he spins it... dude, what the hell?

Comment: Re:Growing pains. (Score 2) 232

Weeeeellllll, you have to remember that he said "democratic framework". I was going to call bullshit on that aspect of his post until I re-read it and realized he didn't actually say that the USA was democratic at the time, just that it had the framework for a democracy. One which we could re-enable with relative ease. "Relative ease" still being decades of unrest.

We're not all that democratic right now, all things considered. The two party system both pay lip-service to the polls and their talking points. When something new comes along like the Snowden's whistle-blowing, they scramble to figure out which side of the fence they belong on and make sure it's balanced so that nothing gets done.

China's communist system, where the party members vote on things and who is in charge, could kinda sorta be construed as something similar to the democratic process. It'll be different, certainly.

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