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Comment: Re:Temporary could be good! (Score 1) 205

by Haydn Fenton (#14981133) Attached to: Google Pages Launches
I don't really see your point about temporary pages. Sure, there is an easy and quick to use wysiwyg editor, but theres also the same kind of thing on many other webhosts. Not only that, but social networking sites are gaining in popularity these days and if anyone has something they want to say to their friends (or whoever else), chances are it will go onto their myspace\livejournal pages and will be read within a day or two. Email and IM also make it trivially easy to get info to people.

Personally, the thing that makes google pages attractive to me is the fact I can host any file type I want and have unlimited bandwidth (as far as I know - I have some large files hosted there at the moment, accessed daily, and have had no warnings so far).
Given the fact that google accounts are very easy to come by these days (100 invites for gmail address, then another day or so to get a google pages account), there is potentially an unlimited amount of storage space with unlimited bandwidth access, for any type of file I want.

No doubt there are other places on the web where I can get massive storage space and unlimited bandwidth and extras like mysql\php\cgi\whatever, but I don't need that - If I needed all that, chances are I'd want my own domain and hosting anyway.
I had a quick look around and found only a couple of places with attractive options, one of them automatically deleted filetypes it didn't like, the other one forced you to go through several "click here to download this file" pages before I could even get to my content.

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