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Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 319

Because if that's all 80 percent of humanity becomes... then 80 percent of humanity is expendable. I'm not saying I'd kill them off... I'm saying someone will do it though. And when it happens... those that do it will lose nothing when they do it because the people they're killing are of no value at all to the society.

So pray you're not as useless as some would suggest. Because if you are... you might just be the walking dead.

btw, you just described Rwanda.

Comment Re: The stock market (Score 1) 113

It's irresponsible for a newly growing company to issue a dividend. Once a company has established it's profit margin and can't use that dividend money to invest in itself to grow to greater profits in the future, that's when it should consider using a dividend. Otherwise it's use of cash is suboptimal. Think about what apple has done in the last 1 5 years.

Comment Re:MongoDB? Thanks., I'll pass (Score 1) 175

Not only because stuff like this, https://aphyr.com/posts/322-ca... , but also because MongoDB performance actually isn't that great. I do care about my data, and PostgreSQL is actually faster in some scenarios (eg. if you actually know what you're doing), so thanks, I'll pass. And Apache HTTPD? Who's still using that on new projects?

Curious, if not Apache httpd, then what?

Comment Re: jury duty and double jeopardy (Score 3, Insightful) 82

I don't know the legality, but it seems shitty. Think about how it could be easily abused.

"The defendant has a history of abusing children and assaulting police officers. He has cheated on his wife and hadn't paid his bills. Consider all of this when you determine how he should be sentenced."

Utterly reprehensible if this is legal. This is what children do. If I were on a jury, I'd be inclined to give the most lenient sentence possible.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 2) 225

I know that Slashdot in general loves to follow the stereotypical nerd rage against sports and jocks, but there are some of us who love it all. I love technology and I love athletics--especially when you combine the two. This story actually had the potential for geeking out. They did this over at 538: http://fivethirtyeight.com/dat...

That's the angle that Slashdot should have taken, but not everybody here is an obese, cheetos-loving, basement dweller.

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